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6 Tips To Riding Your Motorcycle In The Rain


Motorcycles are an ideal mode of transportation. They are easy to learn, fun to ride, fast, and convenient. You can go with them pretty much anywhere. The tricky part with motorbikes is riding them on rainy days. The probability of things going wrong is high.

This, however, doesn’t have to be the case for you. Here are 6 tips to riding your motorcycle in the rain:

1. Keep Extra Distance Between Your And Other Road Users

On a rainy day, it is highly advisable that you maintain a substantial distance between your bike and other road users, reason being that roads tend to be slippery and visibility is also blurred. This distance allows you to make stops easily without causing an accident and to also position you better for defensive riding.

2. Put On Waterproof Gear

Unlike a car that has a roof over it, a motorcycle is open, so when it rains, you’re bound to get wet all over your body. It’s important then that you put on riding gear that is waterproof.  The fabric of the jacket and pants that you put on shouldn’t allow water to permeate through it. The gear should also be windproof but breathable.

Use a waterproof bag to store your valuables such as your mobile phone that could easily get damaged when in contact with water.

3. Slow Down

A huge number of motorcycle accidents that happen on a rainy day are as a result of high speeds. Roads tend to become very slippery. As such, your bike’s wheels may not have the best friction to facilitate smooth stops when you try to brake at high speeds.

Try and regulate your speed as you ride on a rainy day for your own safety and that of other road users.

4. Put On Reflective Gear

Visibility for road users is always blurred when the rains begin to fall. This is why most motorists will have their headlights to have better visibility of other road users. For you as a rider, it’s important that you put on bright colored gear that is reflective. Such gear will enable other road users to easily spot you, especially during the night.

5. Stay Calm And Composed

It’s common nature for people to become clenched and tighten their muscles when they are under intense pressure or when they face a challenging situation. This is a common scenario for riders when the rain begins to fall on them when they’re riding. They tend to tighten their muscles and become too tensed.

This can really work against you. In as much as the rain is pouring, it’s important that you stay calm and composed. Try and relax your muscles and maintain the right riding posture. This will free you from fear and enable you to stay in control and maneuver well on the road.

6. Ensure That Your Motorcycle Is In Good Condition

The tips mentioned above will not be of any help if your bike is not in good condition. Before you take it out on the road, ensure that every single part is working perfectly. Any mechanical error in your motorcycle could potentially cost you your life especially when riding on a rainy day.

Get your bike checked up and correct any fault in it. If there are any broken parts, ensure that you have them replaced immediately with new quality spare parts. You can source these parts from Solo Moto.


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