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Don’t Take Me For Granted: Relationship Tips from Confident Women


Why is that it is always the women who get to hear that “this is the way you should date a man?”, when men too should be the ones who should listen up sometimes to the relationship tips? Finally, the tables have been turned and it is the women who get an opportunity to tell you about the tips for dating a confident and smart woman. Now we being men, should understand how things can work out in the relationships from the women’s point of view.

1. Stop Being Cool – It is Underrated

You can either be cool or not so cool. There’s nothing in between the two. Men, who aren’t from any of the categories are the ones, who keep on trying to be cool in order to impress the opposite sex and unknowingly shoos them away. Be the classy personality that women look forward to rather than being a different person altogether is one of the essential relationship tips here.

2. Details Matter More Than You Think

Women pay attention to the smallest of things that are around them. You too need to do the same. Whether it is your eating habits or the way you call the waiter or even your underwear for men sticking out every time you bend or stretch, you’re being noticed. Hence, you need to mind your steps when you are in the process of impressing a woman while dating.

3. Come in Transparent

Women aren’t very fond of men, who are cheesy and pushy and secretive. You need to come transparent, when you want a woman to trust you with all that she has. How can you expect something from her when you yourself cannot give back the same to her? Be who you are and she might just accept you with all the flaws that you have. But, if you come as a sneaky person, who keeps secrets, you got to be prepared for the worst situations.

4. They’re Not Men

No matter how much we boast about equality, men and women are different beings. This is one of the essential relationship tips to be considered while dating a smart woman. Women are not men and cannot be men no matter what happens. Women are different on the emotional level, probably stronger than you, but they can be very fragile as well. You got to be sensitive to her needs and how she feels about you. Taking them for granted is not the option that you have.

5. Communication Can Solve Wars – Yours is Just a Relationship

For women, communication matters the most. If you’re communicative about your thoughts and are receptive to what she says, you’re on her favorite’s list. According to her, a lot of problems can be solved with the help of talking about it with each other. So, talk and be communicative is yet one of the relationship tips.

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