Relationship with Drug Addict

Being in a Relationship with a Drug Addict: Is It Really Possible?


Every relationship is complicated. Even in the best of situations. But trying to maintain a healthy relationship with an addict can be a much more painful challenge. After all, an addict has a disease that makes it nearly impossible for them to be fully honest and committed to anyone. Being in a relationship with a drug addict can be stressful and heartbreaking, yet it’s not impossible.

This article takes a closer look at what happens when you try to keep love alive when someone is struggling with sobriety. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from this kind of toxic situation.

A Loss of Trust

One of the primary challenges of being involved with an addict is the inherent loss of trust. When you’ve loved someone and suddenly find out they have been secretly using drugs, a natural reaction is to feel betrayed.

Can you ever trust them again? This is a fear many people experience once drugs disrupt a relationship.

You can also expect to experience feelings of resentment and loss of respect. After all, they aren’t the person you thought they were.

The Potential for Violence and Abuse

Keep in mind that drug addiction is a disease. Thus when drugs become involved in a relationship, an addict can suddenly become physically violent and verbally abusive.

Addicts are known to be volatile, putting those around them at risk of harm. Unfortunately, this is very common.

People in relationships with addicts often react to the violence and abuse by suffering in silence or respond with violence of their own. Both of which can make the situation even worse.

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Addiction brings out the worst in relationships. For example, if you are in a codependent relationship, drugs will typically make the codependency even more toxic.

The codependent individual will often enjoy playing the roll caretaker and will take advantage of the power imbalance with the addict.

When Both People are Addicts

When both people in a relationship are drug addicts, the possibility of them being able to function in a healthy way is nearly zero.

This dynamic is far too enabling, and the addiction will likely only get worse. If one person is clean while the other is using, you might have a chance of convincing them to stop. But two addicts living together will undoubtedly end up using together.

This type of relationship is doomed, and the best thing that can happen is for one of you to break free and seek to enter a recovery facility.

The Dangers of Being In a Relationship with a Drug Addict

There is nothing healthy about continuing a relationship with an addict. It’s important to remember that you can’t fix them by continuing to love them in your current situation.

Being in a relationship with a drug addict puts you and your kids at risk of physical violence. Both of you need to understand that the only hope for healing the relationship is for them to get clean by going to rehab.

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