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Extra Marital Affairs On Rise: But Why?


In case you are facing a case of extra marital affair or infidelity, you must be hovering around for the reasons, which led to such circumstances. Are you not happy enough as a couple? Why did you let a third person enter in your marriage? Are you not satisfied with your spouse? What has led you to get attracted to a third person? All these are extremely common questions revolving in today’s society. Irrespective of the socioeconomic condition, individuals are having extra marital affairs among their friends, in their work places and many more. Here are some top reasons given by individuals engaging in extra marital affairs.

1. Lack of Emotional Attachment

This is another important reason for extra marital affairs. When an individual fails to express his or her views to the partner, he or she generally tends to look for somebody else, who will understand him or her with great tenderness and care. Forcing one’s opinion on others, over possessiveness and a lot of arguments always often lead to such situations. Also, people with two absolutely different opinions and principles lead to disappearance of emotional attachment as well. This is the time, when individuals opt for a third person in their marital relationship.

2. Forced Marriage

Many a time, an individual has to face forced marriage due to social norms and taboos. An individual lives with his or her partner without consent. They neither enjoy their lives nor remain happy. These couples, when find someone, with whom they love to live with or remain happy, tend to move away from their forced marriages. And, this gives rise to a new relationship outside marriage. They do not leave their marriage because of several constraints like social norms, children and financial conditions. Yet, they continue their relationship outside their marriages as well.

3. Absence of Physical Intimacy among the Couples

This is the basic cause of the growth of the extra marital affairs among the couples. Due to too much work load and competition, partners hardly find quality time to spend with each other. The physical intimacy tends to fade away with time. The partner no longer finds his or her life partner attractive. They generally start becoming dissatisfied with their counterparts. No matter how much they try, the spark gets vanished in due course of time. This further makes them attracted towards new individuals, with whom they spend major duration of time. And, this leads to extra marital affairs.

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4. Revenge

This is yet another major cause for the growth of the extra marital affairs in today’s world. Though, very few people admit it openly, the psychological science says, this is growing such rapidly that it is eventually becoming one of the key reasons for extra marital affairs. An individual, who gets cheated from the spouse, has a general tendency of hurting the sentiments of his/ her partner with the similar sense of infidelity. Thus, the extra marital affair crops up.

5. Desire for Additional Relationships

Some people are never satisfied with one relationship. They always look out for more and more options. Very few people admit it openly. This is because; this is not at all socially acceptable. Men look out for more women and women for a couple of men. And the major reason is the fickle minded nature of the individuals and their inabilities to maintain their life-long commitment to one particular person. This is a very sad yet so common story of our today’s society, which gives rise to situations like extra marital affairs.

Do you think that extra marital affair is always bad or illegal? The above reasons will enlighten the various situations of the couples of our society and the cause of rising extra marital affairs among individuals. If you have more reasons to share or more views on this rising issue of today’s world, please feel free to share with us in our comment section given below.


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