Do You Need Reading Glasses, Computer Glasses Or Both?


People who unfortunately suffer from blurry vision and eye strain need reading glasses to correct their vision and relieve their eyes of further pain. However, if you are new to wearing reading glasses, it is important to know that they might not be ideal for reading text on a computer at all. If you tend to sit at a computer for several hours a day or more, you should also consider buying computer glasses. In this article, we will clarify computer glasses and reading glasses and the importance of both kinds of glasses in today’s world.

Reading Glasses

In this day and age, many younger people think why reading glasses are even necessary at all. Truth be told, there are very few people that can live their whole lives without the assistance of any kind of glasses. But even if you have always had good vision, sooner or later, you will find it hard to read very small print. This commonly comes from a common change to the eye known as presbyopia.

Reading glasses have been around for generations and are commonly used to correct long-term vision problems that individuals have been facing. Reading glasses, as many are already aware, are for reading text in print form from books to newsprint to labels.

There are many types of reading glasses to help with one of many eye problems, from single vision lenses to bifocals and trifocals. An optometrist should be able to verify your eye problems with a number of exams if you are not sure that your eye problem or problems are so you can be recommended the best reading glasses.

Computer Glasses

Contrary to traditional reading glasses, computer glasses are designed to relieve individuals of eye strain when sitting at the computer. The typical distance from a person’s eyes to their computer screen is around 50 to 66 centimeters. This is a distance much closer compared to activities such as driving, yet further away than activities such as reading. Therefore, your typical pair of reading glasses may not be able to work for reading text at your computer.

If you’re a young adult, yet you work at a computer throughout the day, you may experience CVS, also known as computer vision syndrome. Common symptoms of CVS include blurry vision, watery eyes, and headaches, all of which are also symptoms of presbyopia. For people who find vision to be blurry hen at a computer, they attempt to lean forward to be able to read text, but this also puts stress on the back, neck, and shoulders.

Computer glasses only come in single vision lenses as of this writing. People who need computer glasses will require the entire lens to be able to read comfortably at a decent distance from the computer screen. Computer glasses also feature an anti-glare coating so that they can help reduce eye strain from a computer’s big, bright screen.

Why You Probably Need Reading Glasses, Computer Glasses, Or Even Both.

It is possible for you to need both reading glasses and computer glasses, rather than just one or the other. This however ultimately depends on your personal needs, jobs, and hobbies. If you suffer from CVS, you likely just need computer glasses. People who suffer from presbyopia, though, will tend to get both glasses. A few people claim that they tend to get by with just traditional reading glasses, as they only spend time at a computer for a limited time each day.

Consider getting computer glasses if you spend a lot of time each day at your computer, either for business, for recreation, or even for both. Consider getting traditional reading glasses if you spend a lot of time each day reading books and less time at your computer. If you find yourself reading text both from print and from a computer screen often, consider both pairs of glasses and use the preferred pair for the right situation.


Reading and computer glasses are both useful for reading different types of text, but they definitely do not work the same way. Depending on your specific optical needs, there are various different glasses available to buy.

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