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Protein Rich Food: 5 Affordable Sources


Getting the right amounts of each nutrient in our diet can be difficult. Whether it’s protein, carbohydrates or healthy fats, diet is a daily struggle that many of us must endure. In particular, protein is that one nutrient that seems to be craved the most. Carbohydrates are associated with weight gain and fats are well, fatty. Protein builds muscles, repairs our body and generally makes us faster, stronger and better. It’s vital to get adequate doses of the stuff, but is not always easy to do so. Across the globe, meat prices are rising. So, this is becoming a less and less viable option. If you’re looking for that vital protein rich food, look no further. Here’s your guide to the five best affordable protein sources!

1. Milk – 3.4g Protein Per 100g

Milk is cheap, tasty and full of protein and calcium. Because it’s so easy to consume, it’s a quick way to get your protein serving for the day in a short amount of time. You won’t have to prepare a big meal or cook a giant steak. You’ll just need a glass! Milk has also tumbled in price in recent years. This makes it an affordable item to get in your diet.

2. Protein Powders and Supplements – Protein Rich Food

Arguably the best way to get a hefty serving of protein in a condensed fashion, protein powder has a variety of uses. Besides the obvious muscle building advantage, protein powder is great for anyone, who may have a deficiency of some kind. It’s also great for vegetarians, who can’t consume animal products to get their protein fix. And luckily, protein powder is incredibly cheap. One medium-sized packet can last you months and each serving is packed full of protein. Because it’s such a big business, it’s also easy to find discounts. If you want to learn more about this, you can. Also, consider mixing your powder with that milk for an extra protein infused snack.

3. Tuna Fish – 30g Protein Per 100g

While not as prestigious as turkey, beef or steak, tuna is just as healthy – if not more. In fact, an average steak only possesses 25g of protein per 100g to tuna’s 30g. Tuna is also one of the cheapest meats money can buy, anywhere in the world. It is equally delicious. It’s also diverse. It can be made into sandwiches, salads or side dishes.

4. Greek Yoghurt – 10g Protein Per 100g

While it can be quite high in fat, Greek yoghurt is cheap, tasty and full of protein. Unlike other flavored yoghurts, Greek yoghurt costs less because it’s so basic. There aren’t any fancy flavors, or corner pots full of biscuits. It’s just yoghurt, plain and simple. It will work wonders for your protein goals.

5. Cottage Cheese – 11g Protein Per 100g

While not people’s first choice when they think of protein, cottage cheese is one of the cheapest protein rich food sources in the market. It’s also a great source of casein protein, the type that releases its nutrition over a long period of time. This makes a great snack before bed, or in the mornings to help you last the day. Additionally, if you want to lose weight, you can opt for the lower-fat versions. But, if you want calories, you can go for the heavier ones.

Beside these, there are a lot of plant based proteins as well, which are very effective. The proteins in plants are known as lectins. They are known to possess both negative as well as positive consequences on the well being of individuals. Check out the comparison chart of the lectin free protein bars.


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  1. Great post. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with the cheap protein sources (but that’s not to mean low quality either).

    Tuna is by far my favourite source of protein given its size, affordability and high quality protein amino acids

    I wrote something similar detailing a diet one can follow on a budget without breaking the bank and which outlines simple meal plans to follow.

    Read it here and let me know what you think 🙂

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