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Pros and Cons of Studying Online for UPSC Exam


Cracking UPSC exam requires a lot of efforts and planning. There are various platforms through which the preparation of UPSC exams could be done. Latest way of preparations is through online studying. There is private studying,and also the availability of online coaching classes specialized in the preparation of UPSC. There are some students who prefer online studying as the best resource available, while some focus more on the cons of online education and avoid online preparation. Online studying and online preparation for UPSC exams have its advantages and disadvantages, which could be shaped to your benefits when understood clearly. This article would make these pros and cons clear to you regarding the online preparation of UPSC exam.

Pros of Studying Online for UPSC Exam

  • Mobile Apps

Technological advancement benefits us in many ways, including punctual preparations. There are various applications designed especially for the preparation of civil services exams. Studying online will benefit you by making full use of these applications, especially by keeping you up to date with current affairs. You can set various reminders, and take help from your phone for preparation. If suddenly your plans get cancelled,and you want to invest that time in studying, your phone will provide you with lessons you need to prepare for.

  • Convenience

The online study gets rid of many difficulties which we face while following a traditional form of preparation. The online study brings convenience. Everything is made available to you, studying depends on you, if you want to study more on a certain day, or feel motivated to study a new topic, online studying would make everything available to you at your own screen with unlimited options.

  • Personal Comfort, Planning

You can plan your study preparation plan completely according to you; there is nobody forcing their preparation plan on you. Some people could concentrate more in silence, while some with a bit of music, the online study focuses on your own comfort. Thus, you can concentrate easily, since there is no disturbance.

  • Accessibility

Online preparation makes study material accessible to you at any place. You don’t have to wait for the rest of the class to cover the topics you have already covered or to rush with the rest of the class. You can study at your own pace because everything required is accessible to you at any time and place.

Cons of Studying Online for UPSC Exam

  • Online Preparation Could Lead to Isolation, If Planned Very Strictly

If you depend completely on online preparation, it would lead to you spending a lot of time on your mobile or laptop, or other similar gadgets. This leads to limited verbal discussions with your friends and more private studies. If not planned in a precautious way, this might lead to isolation which may have an effect on your mental health.

  • Lack of Support or Guidance

A major disadvantage of online preparation is lack of personal guidance or support. There are online coaching options which provide guidance and counselors, but virtual guidance is not as good as the physical presence of a mentor. The motivation you would get would be limited to your virtual understanding of the syllabus and interactions. Most of the time there would be an absence of a mentor, and virtual mentors might not show you personal support as much as a teacher does.

  • Personal Discipline

Personal discipline could be modified in benefiting ways through online preparation. But this is a stepping stone which acts as an obstacle for those students who are not punctual enough for online preparation. You might find yourself, spending time browsing random stuff or reading random articles, when you are bored, and you might not realize that you have spent more time in a break than you planned for. Thus personal discipline regarding the internet is a hard task to accomplish, with all the resources internet offers for passing the time.

  • The Internet Contains More Information than Required

Online study leads to browsing your topic more and more. This may lead to going into more depth on a topic than required. The Internet contains unlimited information, and each topic connects to another random topic, this way you might study unimportant things and information which is not even required.

Online studying comes with its own merits and demerits, which is needed to be managed by the student himself. The Pros of online studying could not be overshadowed by its cons. Thus, management is the solution. Every demerit of online studying could be modified to your benefit, if planned smartly. Thus, studying online for UPSC is a smart choice online if its cons and demerits are modified according to your benefit.


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