Four printing basics that need a specialist


Every office has a printer and a copier, and it is usually one of the busiest pieces of equipment in the whole office. But despite that, there are still several tasks that your standard office printer simply can’t do properly. It is for this reason that most office managers will have the name of a good copy-shop on the speed dial. There are some things that, if you want them done professionally, need to be done by a professional. This might not be an area that you think about often, but, if ever you find yourself in need of printing in the following areas, then here is a list of things you should not consider trying yourself.

1. Promotional Materials

There is nothing that says amateur like a corporate gift done badly. Your mother might have told you that it was the thought that counts, but in business, it is a bit more complicated than that. Don’t spend a whole lot of money buying great gifts and then mess it up by printing the accompanying paraphernalia badly. A quick search online for something like ‘label printing Brisbane’ should point you in the direction of a company who can help you with a sophisticated and professional-looking package.

2. Business Cards

Do not try and print these yourself. Rather go without a card than make one on your own. It will look shoddy and send a bad message to any prospective clients. There are companies who specialise in printing and designing these ubiquitous business accessories so don’t try to reinvent the wheel by doing it yourself. In business and in sales you only get one chance to make a first impression, why would you possibly want to ruin that chance by proffering a DIY card at the start of a meeting.

3. Invitations

Whatever the event is that you are planning. Be it a wedding or an awards function, the printing should never be done by anyone other than an expert. Even if you invest in some fancy paper and a couple of nice fonts that fall outside the usual ones, it is very likely that the invitation will look homemade. And this is fine if that is the look that you are going for – but if you are trying to be corporate and create a certain feel and sophistication, then you can’t ask the office manager to do it – it just won’t cut it.

4. Stickers

Stickers are always a great way to promote your business. Be it bumper stickers or licence holders or items to be stuck onto laptops, wherever it is that they are intended to go, if you want people to use them in public then the finish needs to be as slick as the design. Sure, you could plan to buy some sticky paper and a guillotine and do it yourself, but for most people, that just won’t be enough. Stickers have an element of cool and edginess about them so they cannot be something that you simply bang out on the office copier, you are going to need to invest a little more in the product if you want it to have the legs that you desire.


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