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Pre-baby Things To Do Before Your Baby Arrives


The weeks leading up to your due date are always an exciting time, if a little uncomfortable. You’re finally about to meet your little one, and those 9 long months will come to an end at last. Before you head off to the hospital in a rush, make sure you’ve done these important pre-baby things.

1. Be Prepared for an Emergency

Many new parents are anxious when their newborn comes home and spends hours hovering around the cot checking for steady breaths. To avoid unnecessary anxiety, prepare for the birth by taking a cpr course melbourne. You’ll have more confidence in your abilities as a parent, and the know-how to take charge in the event of an emergency.

2. Pack your Hospital Bag

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While your baby should come sometime around your due date, it’s important to be prepared to head to the hospital in the weeks leading up to the big day, just in case. Pack your bag with everything you need for labor and a hospital stay. This is one of the essential pre-baby things.

3. Stock Up on Nappies and Wipes

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Newborn babies get through a truly incredible amount of nappies and wipes in those first months, and you won’t feel like running out to the shop constantly when you’re looking after your baby. Stock up on the essentials and pack them away in a changing station or cupboard before you go into labour.

4. Wash and Pack Away Your Baby Clothes

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Most experts recommend washing all of the new clothes (or hand-me-downs) that you get for your new baby to make sure they’re clean and sanitary. Use a sensitive skin baby laundry detergent so they don’t cause skin irritation, then fold and pack them away in your closet so they’ll be easy to find when the baby comes home.

5. Shop for Some Comfortable Nursing Bras

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If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, you’ll definitely want some comfy nursing bras. There are prettier options out there than you might expect – just make sure they’re comfortable enough to lounge around in. Stocking up on plenty of breast pads too so you can keep your new bras squeaky clean is one of the essential pre-baby things to do.

6. Fill your Freezer with Tasty Meals

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When you’re spending all of your time looking after a newborn, you probably won’t feel like cooking up elaborate meals to eat. Plan ahead by cooking in bulk during the last months of your pregnancy and freezing meals to eat during the newborn stage. You’ll thank yourself later. Aim to cook nutritious meals that will fill you up and provide your body with the vitamins it needs to recover from the birth.

7. Invest in Post-Birth Outfits

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The newborn period is awkward when it comes to getting dressed. Your maternity clothes will probably be too big, but your pre-pregnancy clothes are unlikely to fit yet (unless you’re extremely lucky). Buy a few pairs of ‘in between’ outfits that you can throw on while your body is transitioning.

8. Finish up your birth plan

Your ob/gyn should have talked you through the birth plan basics. But, if you haven’t settled on the details yet, now is the time to do so. Write down a clear plan with information about what pain relief you want, what kind of postnatal care you’re expecting, and what your goals are for your labor and delivery.


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