5 Potential Benefits to Legalizing Marijuana in 2019


Have you heard that plans to legalize marijuana use are underway? Sounds unbelievable but that is what is just about to happen. There exist worries among drug use reformist concerning this law, who argue that the legalization of drugs will lead to increased abuse. While this might be true to some extent, it’s not right to only look at the flip side of things. Numerous benefits of marijuana will be realized once the move is implemented. The move will bring both economic and health benefits once it’s put into practice. Some of the potential advantages of legalizing marijuana include the following:

1. Creation of Job Opportunities

The unemployment rate in the country has hit glaring high levels, and there’s a need to rectify this swiftly. The legalization of marijuana would be beneficial in tackling this issue. Through providing people with an opportunity to work in the farms, processing industries and retailing, pot would be vital in helping the US in handling unemployment. And nothing would be more welcome to the country at the moment than the creation of job opportunities.

2. Production of Revenue to the Government

Do you know that a significant amount of money goes to the pockets of marijuana dealers without the government getting a cent from it? If this money were channeled through the appropriate legal means, the government would be the biggest winner as an incredibly large amount would be added up to its revenue. The individual states would also benefit immensely from such a move.

3. Improvement of Health

It probably sounds crazy that marijuana which is classified as a hard drug could be used for treatment purposes. But the truth is that the drug has the potential of handling many common ailments that have no known treatment. Those who experience migraines and use marijuana to manage the condition can attest that the drug is effective in the task. Pot is also provided to AIDS and cancer patients to stimulate an increase in appetite. This leads to a weight gain for the patient which is crucial for their recovery. Therefore, serious research into the potential health benefits of marijuana would be beneficial to the healthcare sector.

4. Saving on Law Enforcement Expenditures

The government spends a lot of money in the whole process of arresting marijuana users, prosecuting them and feeding them in the prisons. Legalizing its use means that this money would be directed to other crucial areas. Therefore, in addition to bringing income in the form of revenue from the marijuana industry, legalization also means that less will be spent. The biggest winner in such a move would be the government, and this is why it shouldn’t be reluctant to effect the move.

5. Lowering the Cannabis Products Prices

It’s an open secret that even without being legal, marijuana products have been in use in the medical sector. However, the controlled use of the drug in this aspect makes the medical products such as cannabidiol oil to retail at very high prices that are in many cases unaffordable to patients. The legalization of the drug’s use would potentially lead to an increase in its production. The increased supply would, in turn, lead to the dropping of the essential products prices.

Legalization of marijuana is indeed going to become a reality in the coming years. The move will potentially have a positive impact on the nation. Fears still linger about the potential of increased abuse, but that is controllable. The government needs to put up measures that will ensure that the drug is used appropriately to yield economic and health benefits to the country.


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