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Top Post Workout Foods To Keep Up With Muscle Building


If you dream of building muscle and attaining the lofty fitness goals that you’ve set for yourself, then the food you consume is very significant. You can very conveniently work on your post-workout meals in order to build muscle, reduce muscle soreness, improved immune system and its functioning and replenish the glycogen. So, focus on what you eat after the gym to get better results.

Mentioned down below are the top 6 post workout foods that will assist you in making and maintaining your muscles.

1. Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice contains antioxidants and multiple inflammatory compounds that assist the athletes in recovering from extreme training and practices. According to a study, consuming a medium glass of tart juice improved various aspects of the performance of cyclists and they ultimately came up with better performance with its consistent consumption. Tart juice not only helps in recovery but it also lowers the systolic blood pressure and assists in enhancing sleep quality.

So, consume a glass of fresh tart cherries and they’re also very readily available in the dried, frozen or canned state in any departmental store. You can take more ideas about the food and meals post workout from the fitness influencers through their blogs. This will make options available to you.

2. Whole Eggs

Eating a considerable number of whole eggs can help you get ripped. A survey was conducted, where the men who were regular with weight training and workout were asked to consume either eggs or a mixture of egg whites containing approximately 18 grams of protein. After a period of time, they measured the protein synthesis in their bodies and also studied the driving force that helped them in gaining muscle.

Though, both the meals contained almost similar amounts of proteins but the building of muscles was 40% more in the men who consumed eggs. Eggs are loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, iron, and phosphorus enabling your muscles to use high-quality protein effectively.

3. Ricotta cheese

Nine grams of dairy is enough to commence the process of muscle building in your body. Consuming half a cup of ricotta cheese containing around 14 grams of milk protein is enough for the beginners. It’s a great source of whey protein, that means it is loaded with essential amino acid leucine. Whey protein signals the mTOR to accelerate the growth of muscle.

Ricotta cheese is blessed with carbs and whey protein, a combination of which makes your bones strong if consumed after workout consistently. You can add granola or berries while ordering your food at your favorite restaurant to make ricotta taste delicious and even more healthy. Moreover, before heading to the restaurant, make sure to check their Facebook page so as to read the reviews and have a clear idea of the ambiance.

4. Smoked salmon

Fishes like sardines, salmons, and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids. Higher consumption of these fishes might translate into lower levels of delayed muscle soreness after an extreme workout. Salmons are the fishes that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and make your muscle way healthier and rejuvenated. Regular consumption of salmons aids the painful inflammation and damage after an extreme workout.

Salmons are also capable of increasing muscle protein synthesis due to its various vital components. Thus, incorporate salmons in your daily routine to have better muscle building and recovery.

5. Sweet potatoes

A considerable amount of carbohydrates is a must to be included in your post-workout recovery meals. Thus, it’s a vital step to consume foods such as potatoes, grains, and fruits rich in carbohydrate to lessen the degrade in your immune system after to workout for an extended stretch. Sweet potatoes are abundant in the healthy carbs and will supply you with the desired minerals and vitamins required by your body post workout.

Consuming a medium peeled sweet potato after a workout will supply your body with enough energy. This will keep you fresh and produce enough energy to be active throughout the day.


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