Pete Evans, crippling shyness

Pete Evans Suffering from Crippling Shyness? Secrets Revealed


Pete Evans, the controversial star chef revealed that he has suffered from crippling shyness all throughout his life. The outspoken celebrity chef has made it to several headlines due to his controversial statements, yet he claimed that he likes to maintain a low profile and prefers to lead a pretty quiet life. Let’s know in detail about the disorder, crippling shyness that Pete Evans has talked about.

Pete Evans, crippling shyness

Picture: Nicole Cleary Source: News Corp Australia

<1. What is Crippling Shyness?

Crippling shyness is also known as SAD. SAD is the abbreviated form of social anxiety disorder. The other name of shyness is diffidence. It is defined as the feeling of awkwardness or social apprehension, when there are a lot of people around you. The most important aspect of this condition is the social skill development.

2. Contributory Factors to Crippling Shyness

A person may be born shy. But, there are certain contributory factors to crippling shyness. Apart from the contribution from the genes, lack of proper parenting also plays a crucial role in leading to crippling shyness. Over-protective parents may also give rise to kids with crippling shyness. Traumatic life experiences like divorce or separation or financial stress may lead to crippling shyness extensively. Childhood and adolescent challenges are yet another contributory factors of this disorder.

3. Situations Occurring Due to Crippling Shyness

Crippling shyness is nothing but a human nature. It is that nature, where an individual feels very awkward to intermingle with people socially. They tend to lead a normal life but somehow fear to mix and communicate with people. This is because of the lack of confidence they have and the low self esteem they possess. They fail to make eye contacts. They have the phobia of public speaking. They find themselves very uncomfortable in general social occasions.

4. What complications may arise due to Crippling Shyness?

This is definitely not a positive trait. And, it has its own set of consequences. The most important consequence of crippling shyness occurs at a personal level. Many a time, personal relationships take a back seat because the individual fails to handle them properly. They feel lonely and isolated. They often turn to being alcoholic and even a drug abuse. They also may go through a state of social phobia, which leads to depression and anxiety to an extreme level.

5. How to Treat Crippling Shyness?

Individuals suffering from this disorder often meet psychologists for treating this disorder. They are given drug therapy. Also, they are taught several management skills like confidence boosting exercises, coping techniques so that they can fight away the social phobia and lead a healthy social life.

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