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Paintless Dent Removal Training: 3 Ways to Get Started


Only a few people know about pdr training and those who are aware of what it is and how it works, they know that there is a lot of money in this business and it isn’t difficult at all. Here are a few reasons why getting started with the paintless dent removal training is a good option;

  • You don’t need any chemicals, paints or any such high volume supplies.
  • This skill can help you earn a lot because it is rare and only a few people know about it.
  • It is just like a small business where you are considered your boss and you don’t need any shops or employees.
  • Many people think that this type of business exposes people to dangerous chemicals etc. but that’s not the case here, and there are no hazardous chemicals involved.

If you that this is the type of job that matches your interest then here are a few ways to get started with it;

1. Dent Schools

There are real schools that can teach you all you should know about dent removal training. From the nature of metals to their behavior and how they get repaired. These schools teach everything that one should know about removing dents. The reason why you should join a dent school is that the instructors over there are qualified and experienced too. They can teach you all the basics of paintless dent removing in a controlled environment.

2. Study At Home

There is various study at home courses available on eBay, in fact, you can buy DVD too from the shop that tells you all about dent repairs and how you can get difficult dents fixed too. It’s all about how you are comfortable, if you are ready to spend some money for joining a dent school then yes it is one good option as you get to learn everything live in front of you but if you want to save yourself some time, and some money too then buy yourself a DVD and a few spare parts from a store in order to practice what you learn. However, let’s face it, there are a few drawbacks of learning PDR at home as you don’t have anyone to give you quick feedback or to check your work whether you’ve done it right or not.

3. Shadow A Master

Lastly, believe or not, you need an expert to learn PDR from and don’t worry because there are many masters and experts of dent removal training out there. You can even search for them online, and you will find a list of them. Shadowing a master for learning this skill is the necessity of this business. It might take you a little time to have a full grip on everything but at the end of the day that time won’t be a waste for you and you will be able to have and run a business on your own once you have learned every basic of PDR.

There’s a simple formula for Paintless Dent Removal training, you learn it, and then you work on it. People pay quite a good amount of money in this business especially if you can fix difficult dents then congratulation because you are all set to make a handsome amount of money.


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