Black sand beach, best beaches in the world

Paddle Board Spots: Best Beaches in the World


Deriving from hippie culture movement during the 1960s, SUP (stand up paddle board), originated from bystanders wanting to capture those epic surf shots that one could only achieve by standing on a surfboard to catch that certain angle. From that point on, an oar was given to the rider in order achieve the point of not having to lay down and paddle. Soon enough paddle boarding was not only for photographers, but it was then soon crafted into a new trending activity among the water sports community and its followers. Here are the top 5 best beaches in the world to try your hand at paddle board spots.

1. Black Sand Beach, Alaska

Black sand beach, best beaches in the world, paddle board
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I know what you’re thinking, paddle boarding in Alaska? You bet! With over 10+ different species of wildlife Alaska makes its mark as one of the most beautiful places to paddle board in complete serenity. Taking a SUP trip in Alaska definitely requires some premeditated planning, considering the weather is frequently changing drastically. Not to worry, the breathtaking glaciers, singing birds and mating calls from the local wildlife make it an experience that would be hard for one to forget. You will only find a limited number of beaches consisting of black sand throughout the globe. Black sand is a rarity which consists of a partially magnetic, black metallic fine sands, which are generated from nearby volcanoes.

2. Kapalua Bay, Hawaii

Kapalua Bay, Best beaches in the world, paddle board
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Sealed away in the northern section of the Big Island, Kapalua Bay provides an excellent spot to get your toes wet and take out a paddle board. Kapalua Bay is covered with fine white sand, tide pools, and ocean blue clear water. Being secluded from the natural elements, the Bay provides for smaller, more manageable swells making it an ideal spot for beginners who are not as experienced in the ocean. Considering Kapalua Bay is secluded, there are not many rental shops nearby so be sure to bring your own equipment and/or necessities to start your paddle board adventure.

3. Redondo Beach, California

Redondo Beach, Best Beaches in the world, paddle board
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King Harbor in Redondo Beach consists of calm tides and unspeakable sunsets. Just 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles you will soon run into King Harbor, consisting of endless boutiques and extravagant sunsets. It’s almost as if you are taking a yoga class while being on the ocean, while then also gliding on a paddle board. The ocean serenity that Redondo offers attracts all of the local paddle boarders residing in their nearby communities, not only because of ideal SUP conditions, but also because of the extravagant sunsets Redondo has to offer.

4. Turks and Caicos Island

Turks and Caicos, best beaches in the world, paddle board
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Turks and Caicos offers some of the most crystal clear blue waters to paddle board in, which has made SUP a very popular trend among the locals and tourists. Even though getting to the island might be a somewhat difficult the local hotels offer free paddle boards to take out because of their popularity. Exploring deepened swamps and witnessing the wildlife on the island is tricky, but SUP tours with a local guide are offered at a price if that is something that pertains to you.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, best beaches in the world, paddle board
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A small group of islands off the coast of Africa is where you will find Cape Town. This group of islands is neither populated nor industrialized to its full extent, which brings quite a lot of free time between the locals. Having so much free time translates into frequently paddle boarding among the locals, making Cape Town a well known SUP destination. These waters are not for the faint hearted, experience is definitely needed to partake in the rigorous waves that reside in Cape Town.

Paddle board spots bring together communities as well as individuals to support something, with so many destination options the sport will only continue to grow and expand. Where is your favorite SUP location?


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