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5 Overlooked Benefits of Senior Assisted Living Facilities


You might say that it’s a sign of comfort as well as having settled in when you begin to take the place where you live for granted. You regularly grumble about its flaws. And it starts to seem a little boring sometimes.

It’s easy to lose track of why you came to this community in the first place. It’s easy to forget the responsibilities you left behind in your old home.

As you know, though, senior assisted living facilities offer quite a few things to appreciate. This article discusses a selection of them.

5 Frequently Overlooked Benefits of Senior Assisted Living Facilities

if you are wondering what does assisted living provide to those who use it, here are some answers.

1. People to Have Meals and Spend Time With

Many people live alone these days, especially seniors. Many occupy houses that once accommodated entire families–until children grew up and moved, and perhaps a spouse passed away.

So meeting up with people in the hallways or at dinner seems quite wonderful in comparison. We’ve noticed people staying long after a meal has ended just to catch up with their new friends.

Dining together also offers several health benefits to seniors –psychologically, biologically, and socially.

2. Good Quality Meals Prepared and Served

Some senior communities indeed have tastier meals than others. But then some families have better home cooks than others. Senior living does offer good, nutritious food, though.

Plus, it seems the gourmet tastes of the baby boomer generation have put some pressure on senior living dining services to make their food more “delicious and diverse.”

3. Assistance With Housekeeping and Maintenance

Do you remember needing to mow the lawn, a chore you despised more with each passing year as it became harder for you to do?

Vacuuming floors and washing bathrooms and kitchens also became harder. While you might still be able to do these chores, it’s awfully nice to have someone come regularly and do them for you

4. Accessible Facilities With People to Help When Needed

There are numerous products on the market to help disabled seniors with daily tasks such as dressing and walking. These are called assistive devices, and they are used extensively by residents of senior living communities.

Nonetheless, in spite of having great technologies–as would be the case with seniors “aging in place” at home–senior assisted living facilities have people who can help.

Having human help available is both a luxury and a way of preventing accidents for those in assisted living.

5. Safety and Security

Assisted living facilities have 24-hour staffing and secured entryways. There are always people around. A focus on safety is said to improve customer satisfaction ratings by residents of senior living facilities.

This is good since senior living communities are licensed and regularly inspected by regulatory agencies in all 50 states.

For example, here is a guide to understanding the California RCFE license process, which ensures those working in assisted living and residential care management meet certain standards.

Further Thoughts

What does assisted living mean if not living in a place with the facilities and services to make life easier?

When we’re still in the working phase of life, we want everything to be easier for us. Yet when we’re older and most in need of the assistance that requires, we can be stubborn and annoyed about having to use it.

For seniors, getting assistance suggests frailty. And while they value and appreciate the things that make their lives easier, it’s hard to admit they need them.

For those people fortunate enough to live longer lives, though, senior living facilities or senior care of some sort is likely to be a reality one day.

That’s why it is a very good idea to start making plans and investigating the various types of facilities right now.


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