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The Top 5 OEM Parts Your Honda Bike Needs


Honda riders love their bikes and go the extra mile to keep these machines running in top condition. Whether you are maintaining or restoring a bike, some components should only be replaced with Honda motorcycle OEM parts. Here are five types of parts that call for genuine replacements.

1. Internal Engine Components

A bike with a stock engine should be repaired with OEM parts. This will enable riders to achieve the performance the manufacturer intends and preserve resale value. Order genuine cam chain, camshaft and cylinder components.

 2. Body Parts

Honda bikes feature precision-designed body parts. It can be difficult to find aftermarket components that can be installed without modifications. Unless you have a lot of experience and access to a garage with all the right tools for adjusting and painting parts, it’s best to go with OEM.

3. Fairings

Fairings improve the aerodynamic design of a bike and help to protect riders. Choose OEM motorcycle fairings for a reliable fit, as aftermarket designs will probably require modification and color matching.

4. Bearings, Gaskets and Seals

These small but essential components are made to fit a particular make and model. Universal parts may not fit your model as well as stock parts. Rather than risking a loose fit that may result in oil leaks or other issues, it is best to order OEM replacements.

5. Electrical Parts

Different bike models may require certain motors, servos, cables or harnesses. Order these parts from a retailer that makes it easy to search by part numbers, view assembly diagrams and narrow down products based on make and model. Some sellers also offer a price-match guarantee for the best prices on motorcycle parts.

Genuine parts can maintain the condition and resale value of any Honda bike. Whether you are working on the body, engine or any other system, OEM parts provide the right fit.


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