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5 Not to Do Things on New Year Eve


New Year Eve is indeed special for one and all. People plan for New Year eve parties to have fun and enjoy to bid adieu to the previous year and welcome the new year with warmth, exuberance and joy. But, not all are lucky enough to visit such New year eve parties. There’re many individuals, who lead their lives alone even on the New Year Eve. And, here are some interesting not to do things on New Year Eve for all those loners. Have a look. And make a fresh start to your life on this occasion of new year.

1. Not Staying Alone

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Even if you have nobody around you, still go out on the roads. You’ll find many people like you searching for company. Meet with them. Go for a movie or some live band music show, if you fail to find a company. But, don’t stay back at home. This will help you to embrace the new year with optimism and fresh hopes. Why mourn over for someone or something, who was never yours? Instead break those shackles of pessimism and move forward.

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2. Not Expecting a Lot

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You know what? Expectation kills an individual. It’s true that you expect from your near and dear ones. But, when the expectation fails to succeed, you get completely broken down. But then, why to break down on this special day? You have the whole year for you for such incidences. Stop expecting from anybody and spend the day with your ultimate level of coolness and calmness. Remember, nobody can steal your piece of mind on this day. This is one of the important not to do things on New Year Eve.

3. Not Remembering the Bitter Memories of the Year

I know that you’ve had a lot of bitter memories this year. Life has shown you some of the hardest phases of your life. But then, why remembering them all over again and making our day and life miserable. Be happy that the year of miseries and sorrow has passed and giving way to a new year. Don’t remember the bitter memories of the year at all. Instead welcome the new year with your open arms and lovely heart.

4. Not Focusing on Meeting Someone Special

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This is yet another not to do things on New Year Eve. This is highly disappointing when you focus to meet somebody special and he/she fails to do the same. Many a time, you get hurt with the thought that you’re no more a priority. But, don’t let that feeling overpower you. So, it’s better that don’t get too much focused on meeting someone special at all. Don’t let anybody hurt you or disappoint you in any way on this special day of yours.

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5. No to Dieting

Last but not the least, the most important not to do things on New Year eve is dieting. Enjoy the day with lots and loads of foods and drinks. There should be absolutely no restrictions so that you can do your mind and follow your heart.

The new year is all the way. Welcome 2019 with heart full of joy, excitement, optimism and hope. Here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true and may you have a wonderful life ahead.



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