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New Year Eve Party Hairstyles: Last Minute Hottest Ones


Are you looking for the last minute new year eve party hairstyles? Here are the 5 hottest New Year Eve Party hairstyles. Enjoy the party absolutely without worrying at all about your hairstyles. Try the one, which you feel you will be comfortable with. And look absolutely stunning, mesmerizing, gorgeous and lovely. Start the new year with these hot new year eve party hairstyles. You can also try out the hair hacks now and look sexy and wonderful.

Last Minute New Year Party Ideas!! Time to Rock & Roll

1. Topknot Hairstyle

new year eve party hairstyles, Priyanka Chopra
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Want to portray the chicness in the new year eve party? Here is another hot new year eve party hairstyle. The topknot hairstyle simply makes you look wow. Lightweight gel is applied on the hairs. It helps to damp the hairs. Then, slick to the high pony. The entire length of the hair is then split in two partitions. They are twisted together and wrapped to form a bun. The bun is held in place with the help of some pins. This gives the topknot hairstyle appearance.

2. Side-Swept Buns

new year eve party hairstyles, Kareena Kapoor Khan
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If you wish to look bold yet confident in your New Year Eve Party, side swept buns is the option for you. Take some sections of hair in the front. Then hold the rest and make a ponytail at the lower side. Twist some sections of the pony and pin them properly to make a pretty bun at the side portion of the face, This imparts a sensuous and pretty appearance to the individual.

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3. Glamorous Curly

new year eve party hairstyles, Anushka Sharma
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Do you want to look flirty? Let your hairs flirt amidst the crowd. Glamorous curly is the choice for you. Voluminous moouse needs to be applied on the hair to make the hair damped. Then, blow the hairs straight. Wrap some little sections of the hairs with the help of a curling iron. You look glamorous curly hairs. This is one of the hottest new year eve party hairstyles to flaunt yourself in the crowd.

4. Sensuous Side Plaited

new year eve party hairstyles, Deepika Padukone
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Well, to look hot and sensuous, side plaited hairstyle is the one for you. Make the parting to one side. It can be to any one side, either left or right. Since the parting is asymmetrical, the side doesn’t matter. Take all the hairs to the opposite side. Twist and turn the hairs to form plates. Your sexy side plaited hairstyle is done. Look ravishing.

5. Donut Bun

new year eve party hairstyles, Aishwarya Rai Bachhan
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Last but not the least, one of the hottest new year eve party hairstyles is the sexy donut bun hairstyle. Brush your hair and make a tight high pony. Pull the ponytail in a spongy ring or a sock. Cover it entirely with hair. And the donut bun is ready for you. Look confident and get set to rock the floor of the New Year eve party.

These are the hottest new year eve party hairstyles. However, it’s important that you survive the holiday havoc beautifully. Try them out accordingly with the new year party makeup and look sensuous, confident, attractive, stunning and beautiful. Welcome 2016.




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