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Nervous Breakdown: How to Deal With It?


Nervous breakdown is a condition of severe mental illness, which arise from anxiety, depression or too much stress. It is also dubbed as collapse, breakdown, nervous exhaustion, psychological trauma, nervous tension and mental breakdown. This happens over a period of time. Many celebrities are diagnosed with this disorder over some period of time. Deepika Padukone is one such celebrities, who suffered through this situation for some time. Let’s look at the several facts on nervous breakdown and how to deal with it here.

1. Definition of Nervous Breakdown

It is defined as the extreme outcome of anxiety or depression induced by stress. Burnout, stress and overwork, when combined together may give rise to the condition of breakdown.

2. When does Breakdown Occur?

Breakdown occurs when you face some atrocities in professional life or turmoil in personal life or situation is irrational or people surrounding you act irrationally. Breakdown makes functioning of normal profession impossible.

3. Why does a Breakdown Happen?

Breakdown happens when expectations are not met even after giving 100 percent of labor. It occurs when the physical demand doesn’t meet the emotional needs. There arises a shutdown condition, which endangers the ability of the individual to perform tasks confidently and regularly. Too much stress is also a reason.

4. Symptoms of Breakdown

Breakdown can be characterized by constant depression, insomnia, hypertension, dizziness, excessive sleepiness, stomach upset, emotional extremities, breathing difficulties and many more. Suicidal thoughts may also arise in severe cases of nervous breakdown. Nervous breakdown for prolonged period of time may lead to a challenging mental health condition.

5. How to Treat the Condition of Nervous Breakdown


The best way is to meditate and relax and calm down. Professional help may be necessary. Friends, family may serve to be a great support in such cases. A person suffering from breakdown needs people and situation, who understand him/her completely and don’t put her/him in any stressful condition. Any small issue may aggravate the situation further.

These are some of the essential facts on nervous breakdown and how to deal with it. If you’re going through this phase of breakdown, remember this is just a phase, which will pass by. Try to maintain your calm and surround yourself with people, who can keep you motivated. Also, stay away from the negativity as much as possible.




2 thoughts on “Nervous Breakdown: How to Deal With It?”

  1. There was a man on antipsychotic medication for schizophrenia, and a nervous breakdown that caused great anxiety, weakness,
    and depression. His medication began to cause tardive dyskinesia of the worst possible kind – involuntary wrinkling of his
    forehead, and wrinkles around his eyes that would expand and contract in convulsive-like manner. His appearance put
    people in shock where ever he went. He was often called a freak, when previous to this problem he was known as
    handsome. Despite the drugs wrecking his quality of life, such was enforced by psychiatrists. He eventually
    got help from a natural medicine practitioner, and his condition improved. Obviously, my point today is there is
    hope for schizophrenics, people with nervous breakdowns etc, if natural ways of healing are explored and
    embraced. Yours sincerely: Murray Dennett

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