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For the past several years we witness how people start to raise awareness for the importance of using organic and natural products. This is a logical reaction as the market became overwhelmed with products made from questionable chemicals and ingredients.

The accent usually falls on the food industry as people are very concerned about their health. The use of organic and clean food is important to people who like to maintain a clean diet in order to stay healthy and avoid the risks of potential diseases.

If the food you put in your mouth is organic and clean, it will certainly make a difference to your overall health and well-being. But what about what you put on your biggest protecting organ – your skin?

The skin has the ability to absorb certain compounds from the surface through the skin pores. Therefore, heavy chemicals commonly found in cosmetic and beauty products that we use penetrate our body and can be harmful to our health.

You might find out that there are some alarming ingredients that you use in your daily routine. It is very important to learn what means to use natural organic skin care products, in order to protect yourself from serious harm.

skin care, natural organic skin care

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What is Natural and Organic Skin Care?

Safe cosmetics, 100% natural, clean skincare, certified organic cosmetics – all these terms are very commonly used to describe brand products that are consistent with natural ingredients. What does the label “natural product” actually mean?

For some of the natural products, it means that they are made from organically grown, mildly processed ingredients found in nature. Most of them should be also safe to eat if they are 100% pure.

  • The term organic refers to ingredients that are grown without pesticides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or antibiotics.

Some of these products may be 100% pure and organic and some of them may contain a certain dose of organic ingredients.

Along with the organically grown, natural constituents, natural cosmetic products may contain:

  •         Minerals
  •         Vitamins (most commonly vitamin C)
  •         Beta carotene
  •         Aromatic Oils
  •         Organic Oils
  •         Organic butter
  •         Algae
  •         Aloe Vera Gel
  •         Acetic acid (apple cider vinegar)
  •         Chamomile and other herbs
  •         Cocoa and coconut
  •         Sea or Himalayan salt
  •         Root extracts
  •        Food, vegetable and floral extracts

skin care, natural organic skin care

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Start from the Essentials

As we become increasingly mindful of the products we use for our skin care we should gradually switch to all-natural products. It might be hard at the beginning to change the routine and find natural substitutes for your preferred product. However, for some of the products you should react quickly.

Skin care products that we apply topically and products that stay on our skin for a longer period of time may penetrate into our system and affect our well-being. When we consider how often we expose ourselves to this risk we realize that we should react instantly.

Here is our suggestion on where to start your switch. If you use a synthetic type of the products listed below it is advisable to change them to natural as soon as possible.

  1. Safe to use Sunscreen : summer is here and we know how sunscreen is the summer essential. This summer make sure you are using non-toxic all natural UV protection. As they do not consist of any heavy chemicals, they might have lower SPF. It is worth to be more careful when exposing than to use toxic chemicals under the hot sun temperatures.
  2. Pure Makeup : Face skin is the most sensitive area on the body. Despite that, it is something we love to nurture to maintain our beautiful and youthful appearance. Therefore, switching to 100% pure makeup is essential. Natural products perform very well while they protect and provide great facial care.
  3. Natural Skin Lotion : Another product that is applied topically and it’s actually intended to penetrate the skin in order to nurture and soothe it. Using synthetic products you may be provided with an instant enhancement of the skin quality and that is a result of silicon parabens and other harmful chemicals.

With natural, organic lotions you can get great results in the long term. They may have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and they are all nutrient reach. Your skin will maintain good health and elasticity.


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