Motorshutir Kochuri, Peas Kochuri, Peas Puri, Bengali delicacy, Bengali food recipe, Kakali's Kitchen
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Motorshutir Kochuri Recipe from Kakali’s Kitchen


What is the most special Bengali dish to satisfy the hunger cravings during the winters? It’s definitely the Motorshutir Kochuri guys!!

Motorshutir kochuri is also known as Peas Puri or Peas Kochuri by people across the globe. It is the traditional Bengali cuisine, which serves to be one of the most delicious relishes to satisfy the soft palates. Though the recipe is a bit lengthy process, but this homemade delicacy is simply fascinating for the food lovers. Get set to learn the recipe of Peas Kochuri from Kakali’s Kitchen.

Motorshutir Kochuri, Peas Kochuri, Peas Puri, Bengali delicacy, Bengali food recipe, Kakali's Kitchen

Preparation Time: 20 Mins

Cooking Time: 20 Mins


1. Green Peas: 500 grams

2. Tomato: 1 No.

3. Ginger: 50 grams

4. Whole Cumin: 20 grams

5. Green Chilis: 2 Nos.

6. Red Chilis: 2 Nos.

7. Asafoetida (Hing): a pinch

8. Refined Flour (Maida): 4 cups

9. Salt

10. Sugar

11. Refined Oil

12. Water


  1. Peas Paste: Take 500 grams of green peas, 1 tomato and blend it in a mixer grinder to form the green colored peas paste.
  2. Ginger Cumin Green Chili Paste: Take 50 grams of ginger, 10 grams of cumin and 2 green chilis and blend it in mixer grinder to form the paste.
  3. Fried Masala: Take 2 red chilis and 10 grams of cumin and roast it in a tawa. Once roasted, grind them together to form the powdered form of the fried masala.

Once the preparation is done, let’s start with the cooking procedure.

Check out the detailed recipe here below:

Add the peas paste along with 1 tbsp of ginger cumin green chili paste and a pinch of asafoetida to refined oil and mix it properly. Let it get cooked. Then add 2 tsps of the fried masala to it and mix well till the entire paste gets cooked. Keep it aside in a container. Next take 4 cups of refined flour. Add 4 tsps of refined oil, salt, sugar and a cup of water and mix well to form the dough. Cut the dough in lemon sized rolls and prepare it for stuffing as advised in Kakali’s Kitchen. Once the stuffing is done, roll it as instructed and deep fry it properly. The Motorshutir Kochuri is ready for you.

You can have it as your brunch or a sumptuous holiday breakfast or for dinner as well. Let the Peas Puri satisfy the winter cravings today. Enjoy being Atheroana Bangaliana!


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