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Money Talks for Every Stage of Relationships


When you enter into a relationship, have you ever thought if you need to discuss your finances with your partner? And even if you did think, how many times you really had fun during money talks?

Discussing financial issues is a complicated task, and when the person sitting in front of you is your partner, it becomes much more difficult. There are plenty of factors that play a vital role in such discussions; the stage of your relationship being the most critical one. Bad timing and attitude can also affect your relationship.

So what can you do to ensure a delicate balance? What kind of financial discussion should you have on different stages of your relationship? Such questions are going to pester you more than once. Thus, we have listed out some suggestions on how to go about with money talks at every stage of your relationship. Whether you have just started dating or already have a plan to get married, there’s a tip for every stage. Take a look!

Dating Stage: Budding Love

The arrow of love has just hit both of you, and you have decided to take the first step of relationship. The dating stage is when you get to know each other and see if you are compatible or not. Thus, this is not the time when you discuss serious financial matters. You can’t go on talking about the personal loan you wish to take for your marriage or how much debt you have to pay.

This is the casual “getting to know you” phase, so observe and decide. See how much your partner spends or reacts to money situations. Is your partner a spender or saver? Whether your money habits are compatible and if they are not, what can be done to find a mutual interest? You can also ask about career plans and asses your financial compatibility. In a nutshell, don’t be bold in money talk at the beginning of your relationship, just take time and observe.

Serious Relationship Stage: Staying Together

As your relationship progresses, you will naturally feel the need to discuss money matters. Both of you will be keen to know if you are facing a financial crisis or your monetary aspirations. In this stage, you can begin talking about money-related issues and make it a regular thing if it is conducted with respect and reserve.

your partner; money talks will become inevitable. You will need to discuss complicated matters on buying joint items such as car or apartment. Moreover, if your mutual communication is wonderful, do not hesitate to decide what happens to these purchases in case you break up.

Be aware that conflicts will arise during such talks; thus, you need to learn how to settle them if you are thinking of a future together.

Engagement: The Next Level   

This is a crucial stage for you will have to make critical financial decisions like joint bank accounts or taking personal loans.  All these need to be discussed at length to avoid any future conflicts.

Both of you have to be responsible enough to understand the big decision that you are going to take. For instance, in case you are taking a personal loan for your wedding celebrations, you will need to decide how are you going to repay that amount. Such decisions need to be taken after personal discussion and after analyzing your financial position and budget. Thankfully, taking a personal loan has become quite easy nowadays. Your decision of taking a personal loan can take a few days but taking a personal loan from financial institutions like ABFL Direct will get instant approval and that too with zero documentation for sanction.

This can also be a deciding stage if your financial compatibility level is sufficient for a life-long relationship or not. You can also learn about your partner’s needs and desires when it comes to financial stability.

Marriage: For Forever

If you have reached this stage of your relationship, the financial matters are more likely to be maintained easily. You will begin planning about your future responsibilities. You can discuss about children and also your retirement plans. It would help if you are also prepared for difficult situations like accidents or loss of job which require a significant amount of money.

At this stage, you both need to be on the same page when you are talking about purchases like home, vehicle, travel and other possessions. The success and failure of these can affect your lives and relationship deeply.

Wrapping Up

As per various studies and surveys, money is one of the leading cause of stress in a relationship. However, if you and your partner are financially compatible, the chances are high that your relationship will last longer. Thus, it is vital that you discuss relevant money matters with your beloved and work together to ensure a healthy and happy relationship.


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