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Are You Making These Mistakes Before Hiring a House Siding Contractor?


Heavy expenses and long construction processes make your life even more miserable if you don’t give your house siding contract in safe hands. Yes, because when it comes to home, nothing is more important than its safety. Therefore, hire the local siding contractors to relieve yourself from the stress of ending up into the hands of poor siding installers.

Though, hiring a siding contractor is a risky business. No matter what is the size of the project, if you make a wrong decision, you are losing your hard-earned investment for sure. Therefore, it is essential to hire someone like experienced Cape Cod house siding contractors to get the job done right and in a professional manner.

Mistake: 1

The root cause of hiring the wrong siding contractors is the failure to accomplish the written statement of doing your home siding job. Most of us mistakenly don’t inquire for the written contract. This contract includes the budget, project guidelines, payment schedule and an estimated starting and finishing time for the project.

Mistake: 2

Another common mistake noticed includes the entire project payment to the siding contractor in advance. However, it should be served as a red flag as of now. This kind of upfront request must be rejected promptly by saying that initially you will be giving small deposit to start the project. While rest of the payment shall be made after the project completion.

Mistake: 3

Well, there are scams siding contractors face with payments through credit card. Contractors sometime insist for a cash payment which is an alarming element. If it happens so, then say a big “NO” to them. Account transactions are safe and secure as these are one of the best ways to accept the payment in professional manner. It is in your best interest to pay with a credit card, debit card and money order. In future, if you have a proof of payment that you made to contractor.

Mistake: 4

In most instances, contractors have a legitimate right to file a charge against your property if you don’t release the promised payment. Let’s say, you have availed the vinyl siding repair services from a vinyl siding company and you deny the payment you both agreed upon or pay less than expected, then this may cause a serious problem.

Or in another case, there is a chance of contractor not paying to his subcontractors. At that moment, sub-contractors can come back to you to ask for the payment or may file a lien on your property. Therefore, you should always obtain a waiver of lien from your contractor and each subcontractor to secure your property and payment.

Mistake: 5

Unfortunate injuries can happen during the siding installation, repair or replacement. But homeowners are unaware of the fact that failure to check on workmen’s compensation coverage can cost them a lot. You can be held responsible for any misfortune accidental trauma happen to workers. Hence, it is important to verify the workmen’s compensation coverage of a contractor before hiring them.

Mistake: 6

It is one of the most neglected factors by many of us. As you know, there is a chance of having injury to your contractor during working. You fail to verify liability insurance coverage from the contractor that resulted in sue of the contractor for damages. Indeed, it is a lengthy and costly process that results in a waste of time and money. For this reason, you should be taking care if the verification process is done or not.

Mistake: 7

Most of the time, we are in hurry to just hire the siding contractors without knowing much about its reputation. We don’t take time to screen their capabilities and have complete knowledge about their previous projects. This mistake should be avoided as soon as possible.

Mistake: 8

If the siding manufacturer do not offer warranties and guarantees on its products and services, then they are not the right for you. If you hire them without any warranties, then it would be a burden on your shoulders. Therefore, it is advised to ask them to warranty on their workmanship that may last for one year or more than that. This avoidance of mistake will help you get out of extra cost of wear and tear to your siding.

Mistake: 9

If you are having a home siding, you’ll definitely need some updates in insulation. Nevertheless, most of the homeowners are unaware of this mistake. It is sign of a good siding contractor, if he will discuss about adding more insulation along with siding.

Mistake: 10

You don’t look for the referrals and reviews of the siding company before hiring them. It is necessary to do some initial search for the company you are hiring. If a company is well established, it will have plenty of positive reviews on different sites like Yelp, and Google. If you are not able to find adequate reviews, then you may test the company by asking them for testimonials and references. For those who don’t know references are more valuable in examining the quality customer service.

Mistake: 11

Siding projects are completed, contractors are asking for the payment and you pay them without noticing the mess they have created during the working. You don’t look for scrap metal or nails scattered all the way near to siding. First of all , a professional and responsible siding contractor won’t leave the place filthy. If a contractor do so, then ask them to do a cleanup.

Mistake: 12

Never hire a contractor without a proof insurance because it is essential to protect you from the liability in the event of an accident. If you will hire the licensed and registered contractor then start hiring them.

Mistake: 13

Landlords hardly look after this mistake. They don’t create a break down of the timeline with the contractor that can delay the project completion. For this, it is advised to never hire the company that is not reliable and don’t work on time.

If you’re in search of the one, who has got you covered in all above aspects, then hire the professional, experienced and quality service siding contractor.


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