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Mental Stress in Youth : A Rising Concern


From medical perspective, stress is a mental condition when events or situations put pressure on individuals. Generally, there is no definition for stress. An individual under stress faces difficulty to concentrate in daily routine works. In the modern world, pressure is normal happening in human life, but if it is haunting human emotions, it will lead individuals towards serious problems.

1. Stress and mental health

To be specific, stress is not psychiatric problem but it is closely related with mental health. If a person does not possess healthy mind it will lead to many physical and emotional problems. There is a close relation between mental health and physical health. For example, if one is not mentally fit, it is hard to have sound sleep and health will undergo gradual deterioration. If an individual is affected by any mental stress, he/she will be forced to feel tiredness, headache and stomach upset. So it is evident that mental health is related to physical health, and mental stress affects physical health.

2. Mental stress and age

Stress can affect any age group because each age group is with specific problems. Within this scenario, teenage is generally known as the most energetic stage in human life. But for most of the teenagers, this period forces them to deal with stress and to face its effects. Mainly, stress arises from parents, teachers and co-workers. Some of the students who are not able to withstand stress try to commit suicide because of lack of efficiency in handling with stress. Some of them argue with parents, family problems; break up with boyfriend or girlfriend, financial status problem with co-workers, instability in friendship etc. From these causes, it is understandable that the problems of youth originate from their home, work place, or school.

3. Stress and human response

People respond to stress in different ways. Most of the youngsters overcome stress by seeking good friendship, watching television, listening to music, playing any games etc. But troubled youth respond differently. Sometimes, they get addicted to alcohol and smoking to have instant relief from stress. There are many ways to identify and deal with stress. Common signs of stress include trouble for breathing, sweating, increase heart rate, can’t make decision, memory loss etc. 

4. Causes of mental stress

One of the most common causes of mental stress in youth is argument with parents. Most of the parents force youngsters to perform well in their curricular activities. Parents expect more from their children, but this expectation force children to lead stressful lives. To be specific, domestic problems within families can affect the mental health of youngsters and the same can lead them towards mental stress. This can affect their self-confidence and self-reliance. Some youngsters strongly deal with it, but feeble minded youngsters undergo mental stress and related depressive mood. The real problem is that most youngsters do not know how to manage mental stress. On the other side, mental stress can help individuals to head on personal problems on their own. So, it is evident that stress has positive and negative effects in human life. But too much stress in private life results in unnecessary suffering.

5. Dealing with mental stress

There are many ways to control stress effectively. A healthy living, which means, healthy food, physical activity, and effective sleep can help to manage stress. Healthy thought has an important role in stress free life. For instance, youngsters are advised to face every situation in a positive way. One need to understand that mental health is related to one’s attitude towards life. To be specific, positive thinking can help an individual to look at a situation realistically.

6. Mental stress and life style

A study by American psychological association reveals that the age groups between 18 and 33 are more stressed than others. Proper sleep helps to manage stress, and relaxation is necessary to avoid stress. Physical activity is also one of the best ways to have instant relief from mental stress. For instance, physical activities like exercise, yoga, and indoor games can help one to manage stress with ease. Besides, healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, protein rich food helps the body to improve physical and mental health. Similarly, support from parents is the best way to handle stress. When parents put pressure upon their children, especially youngsters, it leads to mental stress. So, parents and others can help youngsters to keep themselves way from mental stress because they mental support.

Most people have experienced stress in one form or another in different situations. Youngsters worry about their future and this entraps them in mental stress and related emotional problems. The modern world is becoming more competitive and mental stress is the byproduct of severe competition in every stage of life. So, it is one’s duty to manage stress by maintaining positive attitude towards life and seeking help from experts to deal with the problem of mental stress.

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