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Top 5 Herbal Oils to Reduce Your Mental Health Problems


There is far too much stigma attached to mental health problems in the world. When someone breaks their ankle, or suffers a knee sprain, they are recommended rest and some type of treatment. You may even see bandages or casts on the person’s body. But when someone is going through mental health issues, it is almost treated as though they are going crazy. In reality, the person is just unwell, and needs medical and/or emotional support. Here are the top five herbal oils that can help you if you are suffering from mental health issues.

1. Mulungu Bark

Mulungu is something that South Americans have used for hundreds of years to alleviate the nervous system, and to help with mood. If you are constantly nervous, having trouble sleeping or feeling depressed, you may want to try mulungu bark. It helps lower your anxiety while maintaining brain function and improving memory.

2. Rhodiola Rosea

One of the most powerful substances in the world, rhodiola rosea is a huge help for those who are suffering from fatigue, mood swings, depression, increased stress or a lack of sleep. If you are going through these issues, you may want to try rhodiola rosea. It is completely natural, and the compounds in this substance are both anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants. So, you’re getting other health benefits too!

3. Bacopa

In the Ayurvedic medicine culture, Bacopa is something that is used to help with memory issues, limit stress and help with cognitive function. When you consume bacopa, you are lowering the levels of cortisol in your body. And since cortisol is the hormone that increases our feeling of being stressed, this is a huge help to those who are anxious. It can also help prevent the cells in your brain from aging.

4. CBD Oil

When we think of cannabis, it is mostly smoking marijuana that comes to our mind. But the cannabinoids in cannabis have many health benefits, and they can do wonders for those who are suffering from mental health issues. Even using CBD oil, which is completely legal, can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. CBD oil also relieves pain, which makes it an all-round wonderful supplement to add to your collection. For the proper CBD dosage to treat mental health issues, you can read more at:

5. Kava

While taking a vacation may be what you need to feel less stressed, it is not always possible. If you are seeking a way to feel calmer and more relaxed when you are done with work and your other obligations, kava can help a lot. It is used to relieve stress and anxiety, while promoting sleep. Kava can be consumed as a tea, or by concocting a drink of different strength levels.

The specific methods of preparing and consuming kava are a little complicated, which is why going online for more information may be helpful. The substance is completely legal, but it is important to get the dosage correct if you want to feel the anti-anxiety and stress benefits!


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