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5 Things Men Notice About Women While Love Making for the First Time


Women tend to prepare themselves a lot before getting hooked with a guy, especially the first time. They become too much conscious about their looks. They feel afraid that men would notice the minute details of their bodies. But, it’s not the case. Many times, the minute things go unnoticed by men. Men are more into the behavior, chemistry and the overall experience. Still confused, right? Check out these five things, which are noticed by men usually during first time love making in bed.

1. Men Check Out Your Eyes

Men take a note if the woman he is sleeping with looks deeply in his eyes. Or is she checking out her own body out of self consciousness or is she checking out his body. Both of these make the guy uncomfortable. Also, he checks out if she is looking away from him off to the ceilings or the walls, which says that she is just bored. So, just through the eyes of the girl, a guy can make out the feelings clearly.

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2. Men Look For Your Initiatives

This is yet another important point that every man looks out in the man she is making love to. Is it only one sided? Or if the girl keeps on hanging out without showing any interest or excitement, the moment gets lost. A man always looks forward to make the love making moment interesting and awesome.

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3. They Observe the Movement of Your Body

When a man is getting involved physically with a woman, the expensive lingerie she is wearing doesn’t get noticed much. Instead, the way her body moves along with him, the sliding of the legs between that of the men, the feeling of the bodies getting writhed turn men on. The feeling that the woman is enjoying every bit of it with her sensuous movement of the body keep men very much into the moment.

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4. Men Notice the Level of Confidence

Out of the 5 important things, this is another thing, that a man notices about a woman while having sex for the first time. It doesn’t matter if she’s fair or dark or 220 lbs or 120 lbs, what matters is how confident she is and how desirable she is. Guys love to get involved with girls, who are not much self conscious. Simply forget all your worries and show him how incredible and irresistible you’re.

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The Hygiene of the Girl, Last But Not the Least

Yes, a girl need not worry about the minute details of her body. But, she must take care of her hygiene. Because, guys really notice how well she has taken care of or how well she has maintained her personal hygiene. So, girls, before getting hooked up, be sure that you’ve shaved your pubic hairs and you’re maintaining a good hygiene.

While having sex for the first time with a guy, make the experience memorable and not nerve wracking. First time is always special. But, remember it’s the confidence and the chemistry, which will make the love making mind-blowing. While guys, check out these 5 things that women look for while she’s in bed with you for the first time. If you’ve some more comments, feel free to share with us below.


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