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Maternity Photo Shoot – All You Need to Know for a Kick-Ass Photo Shoot:


Pregnancy is easily the most cherish period of a woman’s life. There are a lot of memorable moments during this phase. Some decades ago, pregnant women would not come out much due to precautionary reasons. But this has changed. There are a lot of women nowadays, who are interested in giving a tick to their pregnancy bucket list. And a photo session tops this list. Most importantly how this idea evolve? First, it was the baby showers where we used to invite family and close friends to wish the mom-to-be. And there were pictures taken during this. So baby showers are to blames. But why do we blame? No, we do not blame in a wrong way but in a way how husbands break their head to give the best photo sessions to be mom-to-be. This could also be very memorable to the child. When he or she grows up, they will be curious to see these pictures.

According to the best maternity hospital in Pune, these photoshoots will boost the confidence of a woman and keep her mental health bright. While she is fighting the odds of her body, these photoshoots will help her cherish pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and most of the woman are coming out now to flaunt their bumps.

We spoke to a gynecologist in Mumbai to understand the dos and don’ts for pregnant women during this photo session. Firstly never ever wear a tight-fitting outfit. There are of gowns and dresses available for maternity photoshoots. A loose fitting gown seems to be a better option according to experts. Some of them even go for shirts and shorts which make look directly out of a romantic movie. Whatever your outfit, make sure it is not squeezing your bump and making you uncomfortable.

Second, do not try risky pose. Just stand and pose with your bump. All women are naturally beautiful and the bump adds more charm to the beauty and so there is no reason to try out-of-the-box poses and put yourself at risk.

Lastly, adding more people to the picture will make it more memorable. Sisters and friends are the best people for the pregnancy photobombing.


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