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Marketing Tips for Successful Independent Escorts


Making the choice to become an independent escort can seem like a breeze, but learn what it takes to be truly successful.

As an independent escort, it’s incredibly important to keep your mind and body in perfect shape. You have to know how to be charming and discreet. There are a million tips on how to be one of the top independent escorts in the world. An often overlooked, but incredibly important part of being an It girl is marketing. Know how to build your brand, online presence, and client list by following these five foolproof tips. successful independent escorts know how to be, well… successful. And here’s why.

Successful Independent Escorts Know Their Brand

The key marketing component to being a successful independent escort is to know your brand. Your brand starts with being familiar with what it is that sets you apart from the rest.

Independent escorts can be found just about anywhere. There is a huge market that is saturated with busty blondes and dark haired ravens. Having an inventive menu and clever branding technique can help set you above the rest.

Focus on the abilities that make you unique. Offer great experiences like GFE or PSE to snag more discerning clients. Make sure that every bit of your online footprint plays up your individual talents.

Successful Independent Escorts Have a Great Site

A great independent escort knows that a site is more than just a few good pictures. You need to have a riveting biography and well maintained website. Make sure that your site has continually updated content like a blog section. Video sections with backlinks to other relevant sites can keep you on top of the internet marketing game.

Make sure that your site and any affiliated services (like vetting or payment features) are easily accessible. Smooth transitions between pages and content are a must. If your site seems haphazard, so will you. Include short question and answer sections or even a forum, so potential customers can see you interact with clients in real time.

Successful Independent Escorts Have Quality Ads

Quality ads that are featured on high end websites, or pay per click features are a great way to get yourself noticed by clients who may not be directly looking. Consider hiring an SEO team to help get your content noticed.

Make sure that ads aren’t spammy or over the top revealing. Try and get your ads placed on a multitude of platforms including popular social media sites. Link your ads to your website and even use your site to host ads for content that speaks to your brand. Night clubs, erotic discos, and other escorts are a great way to network within your community.

Successful Independent Escorts Have Great Content

Keeping your content fresh on your webpage is just the beginning. Having easily navigable links to different social media arenas is a must. Twitter accounts, blogs, and Instagram are just a few to consider.

Make sure that any photos you post are flattering and truly represent yourself to the clientele you want to gain. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture sultry boudoir photos as well as actions shots. Think about the types of dates that your clients would like to take you on. Makes sure that you incorporate those images onto your sites.

Hashtags are a great way to get your content out to a wider audience. Make sure that you stay mindful of the trending tags within your field.

Successful Independent Escorts Use Directories

Using multiple escort directories can get you seen. If a client finds your ad on more than one directory, they then know your available and in demand. Learning how to balance a serious and attainable online presence, as well as keeping an air of mystery will show your clients you know how to be discreet.

Respond to any inquiries in a timely manner. Make sure that if any of your clients leave a review, you answer them in kind. Maintain professionalism at all times and stay away from any brash online behavior like trolling or arguments.

Successful Independent Escorts Make the Client Come to Them

Make sure to balance your online presence. Few clients want to book an appointment with a quickly recognizable escort. Getting your name, as opposed to your face, known is a great way to achieve this. Keep clients wanting more.

Make sure that any correspondence between yourself and the client is held in strict confidence. If you have any disputes with a client, deal with them as discreetly as possible. Make sure that any photos you post don’t give away too much. One or two direct face shots are more than enough. Make your content intriguing so that the client wants to contact you directly for further information.

Remember, above all, have fun and stay safe. Make sure that any boundaries you set, you stick to.


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