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How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils


We all have a powerful sense of smell. It tells us danger and always reminds us of good memories. For example, once you get to smell gas or a burning rubber, you would right away seek the source of the odor. On the other hand, when you smell rose oil or lavender oil, you may relate this with your best friend, who wore those scents. For those who have associated happy memories, it is advisable to create your own signature perfume. For a fact, creating and wearing scents with the use of natural plants already happen back in the Roman Empire. You may also purchase your favorite scent at

Create Your Own Scent

Do you know that there are sixty percent (60%) of women over the age of 16 who wear perfume? Creating a signature scent by yourself will make you smell good and influence your entire well-being. For a fact, essential oils are used in aromatherapy to help us concentrate, bring to high level our moods, ease down anxiety and a lot more benefits.

What You should Know

Essential oils are highly concentrated and very potent. In this lieu, be sure to avoid yourself into placing essential oils directly on the skin. What you can do here is to use a carrier oil to dilute the oil before placing on the skin. Furthermore, prior to blending your fragrances, try to place them in a diffuser. Wherein, diffusers dissolve the oils (blended with some of water) into the air. After, the oils are delivered through the sinus membranes. Such will permit you to test the different fragrance blends prior to choosing a particular scent.

For a fact, these oils separately endow different effects. Wherein, peppermint is mostly used to cut down on pain. Another good use is that this oil relieves nausea. Additionally, lavender is popularly known for the function of calming down the nerves and encourage sleep. Also, citrus oils, clary sage, ylang ylang and bergamot enliven the mood and ease down anxiety and stress. Remember that the quality of the essential oils you choose is crucial. In this lieu, choose oils that are one hundred percent (100%) pure. Also, take note that pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a doctor first before using these oils. There are essential oils that posse’s danger to infants, as well.

How to Make Your Own Perfume

The recipe for a perfume should be light and balanced. When you blend the essential oils, you will surely get to a mixture (or several mixtures) that you prefer. Blend up to twenty (20) drops base note oil, twenty-five (25) drops middle note oils and up to fifteen (15) drops top note oils. Blend the drops carefully, which would allow you to have time to smell the mixture. Adjust the drops according to your taste.

For a fact, the perfume bear three (3) notes. Wherein, the base note bears the thickest scent. These are the scents that remain longer. Then, the middle notes are next. These will remain longer compared to the base notes. Adding to these are the top notes, which evaporate faster. The scents will blend effectively. Wherein, the perfume builds up more scent as it sits longer and the note blend will create a unique scent. It is the scent notes that influences the overall outcome of the perfume. Furthermore, during blending the essential oils in the bottle, begin with adding the base notes, followed by the middle notes and, lastly, the top notes. The base note will be the prominent smell.


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