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Luggage Loss: How to Prevent it?


When you realize that your luggage is no longer with you, it is always something to fret about. Especially if you have lost your documents with that bag. You can never tell who may have got away with it. So the one thing every traveler out there needs to ask is “how safe is my travel bag?” Even more importantly, where can you keep passport and credit cards safely?

Notably, most people tend to make a mistake and keep their crucial documents together with clothing when traveling. And a bad day could see you lose everything in the blink of an eye. Worse still, stress during the trip is the last thing anyone would want to go through. However, there are many publications across the web on this subject, including what your essay maker can provide. With such incidences, many ask what travel rules or guidelines they may have broken or if they need any at all. Well, if you are one of such travelers, the proposed list of tips will be particularly useful for you.

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1. Have Your Name Tag In and Out of Your Bag

Firstly, it is not all the times that luggage gets lost because of stealing. Sometimes misplacements do occur, and in such a case, it can be difficult to trace yours if there are others that look similar to yours. Besides, given the privacy concerns, most people will not agree to open their luggage to allow you to confirm if items inside them are yours or not. However, with a tag identifying you and some of your personal information, tracing a lost item, either at the airport or anywhere else, becomes a lot easier. 

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2. Share Your Travel Plan With Airport Staff

Sometimes, sharing the route you will take once you’re at the airport could save you the stress of losing all important luggage. This measure may be useful because you can trace your movements and your belongings.

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3. Avoid Checking Your Luggage

This sounds as something very ordinary, but it is important to note that checking your luggage can be a major cause of the trouble. While this is for saving you checking fees, it has saved many from losing their things.

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4. Choose Direct Flights

Most incidences where items have been reported lost are those, when one takes connecting flights. It gets even worse when you would want to check your items every time you board another flight. In the event that one part of your journey is delayed even with a few minutes, the chances are that you may end up losing your bag when connecting flights. With non-stop flights, we greatly minimize things that could go wrong. This is also one of the rules of traveling alone.

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5. Make Use of Luggage Service Desk

In the event that you lose your items at the airport, do not worry about it. Report the issue right away at the service desk that handles luggage. This way, you will receive when it shows up. At the same time, this is still a lot easier when you have a name tag on the load, making it a lot traceable even without your presence at the airport.

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6. Use New Airline Travel Tags

Luggage tags, which airlines issue, will secure your items when they get misplaced. Every time new ones are issued, avoid using old tags, as they could point your items to wrong directions.

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7. Choose Unique Styles

In this regard, bags that are multicolored and bright are easy to trace in the event that they are misplaced. This is a precautionary measure that you should always adopt when traveling.

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8. Keep Your Documents and Money Close

Finally, one of the key things is keeping the most important documents and money with yourself at all times. You may keep the stuff in your handbag or other container, but try to make it your habit, especially if you travel a lot.

Overall, more often than not, we receive best lessons from those who have had some experience on such things as losing their bag when en route on a trip. And while these are the things you can get to read in many blogs across the web, travel experts always have deeper insights on the same.  This post have put together top 8 simple and useful luggage safety tips, so use them and be safe in your travels!

Helen Birk is a blogger and a traveller. In her articles she shares her experience and gives pieces of advice on travelling.

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