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Long Distance Relationship: 5 Benefits


Are you bearing the thought of expanding your exploration for the ideal life partner in mind? Do you feel that you should get yourself out from the limited area around you? If so, then, just do not feel afraid to opt for the long distance relationship (LDR). Often people have several negative thoughts in the minds of the couples on the very concept of these distance relationships. There are lot of easy tips to handle long distance relationships. Here are the top 5 benefits of LDR. These will help you answer all your questions at ease.

1. LDR Improves Communication

The major drawback of long distance relationship is the absence of physical appearance. This may lead to conflicts, misunderstandings and lack of intimacy. To survive the scenario, the couple needs to improve the communication skills to the fullest. They make use of all the latest electronic advancements like Skype, emails, video chats and much more. They still try harder to maintain their intimacy and communicate their heart out even without meeting each other personally. This hard work definitely pays them off by improving their skills of communication.

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2. Distance Relationship Can Survive Everything

One cannot meet the other physically. And this may fade away the romance and the spark in their relationship. But, this drawback can prove to be the strongest trait of the relationship if both the individuals become determined and plan things out accordingly to make things work properly between them. If they succeed to survive the hurdle of distance with their grit and wit, they eventually develop such a strong bonding that they can survive everything under any circumstances.

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3. Distance Fosters Commitment, Trust

The major building blocks of a relationship are romance, trust and commitment. It becomes very difficult to trust a person, when he is not around. Also, this leads to lack of commitment as well. And, romance will not exist definitely. This is the beauty of the long distance relationship that it makes a couple develop the basic foundations of a relationship – trust and commitment. This is because; if any one of them is not committed, the relationship won’t stand at all. And if the commitment is there, trust and romance will automatically rule.

4. LDR Maintains Independence

This is the most important benefit of long distance relationship. As soon as one gets committed to his significant other, he loses his independence. The spark of the relationship starts fading away. But, the case is absolutely not so here. Even when the couple is committed to each other, they do not lose their independence. Living apart is a wonderful means to preserve the individuality and charisma even after being in a relationship. This way, the spark in their relationship does not get lost or fades away.

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5. Long Distance Relationship is More than Physical Love

Last but not the least is the fact that long distance relationship is definitely more than physical love. It portrays the inner feeling of love and romance. This makes the foundation of the relationship strong and beautiful. It is not just the meeting of the two bodies. But, it ensures the meeting of two hearts and souls. The couple develops the true essence of every relationship – the eternal love.

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Long distance relationship relies on the everlasting romance. This inspires the mind, heart and soul. Though conflicts take place, yet this relationship is very special. Irrespective of the distance, the relationship grows through the years and the love rules the world.

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Pubali Mukherjee
I am a freelance writer looking forward to work with prestigious publications to enhance my professional and personal life in this world of creativity.

12 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship: 5 Benefits”

  1. Hi Pubali,

    What a great post! I think I agree with every single point you’ve made 🙂

    I do think that long-distance relationships can be a bit of a risk, both if you’ve been together beforehand or if you start off as a long-distance couple. The first one, I think, can be quite challenging, since you’re going from being with someone you could see every day to being with someone you can only see via Skype or Facetime or such-like for the majority of the time. And it’ll possibly be a completely new territory with new issues; for example, you might not ever worry about your partner cheating on you or going out partying etc while you’re living in the same town, but the second that long-distance comes into it, those kinds of things are all you can think about.

    Starting off as a long-distance couple can work – I know a few couples who’ve met through the internet or working for massive companies and cracked on from there – and that’s all great, but I do think that if one of you lives in Amsterdam and the other in Vancouver, until you actually meet – and maybe not even then – it’s not really a “real” relationship. To me, it’s like you have the security or the comfort or whatever you want to have from saying that you are in A Relationship – but it’s a more of a back-up than anything else. You can go out to the clubs or whatever, hoping to pull the love of your life, and if you go home alone, who cares? You’ve got a Someone Special across the pond. You weren’t even trying.

    So, yeah, long-distance relationships can be pretty tricky. Maybe they work for some people. Maybe they prefer to have that space and just meet up once a month or so.

    Any which way you do it is going to take work; but whether that’s more work or less work than being with somebody who lives just around the corner would be an interesting thing to look into.

    All I can really say, though, is that good old-fashioned saying; absence, sweetie, makes the heart grow fonder.

    Laurie xx

  2. Long distance relationships enable couples to get to understand each other by the straightforward, but critical part of any relationships, communication. With the space involving you, the only link you’ve is the communicating between both of you by any means of today’s communicating means, including emails, phone, texting, etc. Our relationship have taken a turn for the better, even though we’ve been dating two years prior to the two of you moving to a different state. We’re making the attempt to enable the relationship to carry on to grow and become nearer, even.

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