Lifestyle and Infertility can be Related


All of us are working so hard to reach our career goals and personal goals. But are we give too much of importance to professional goals over personal goals? Ok, let us put it in a different way. Are professional goals hampering personal goals? This is a tricky question and can vary from person to person. At the present times, there is too much of competition everywhere. Both inside and outside office we thrive to beat the competition and come out with flying colours. But there is very crucial part here. When it comes to our health, it is the stress and work pressure that spoils our health big time. In a recent survey at an IVF center in Gurgaon, it was very clear that most of the couples who are affected by infertility are corporate employees. This is true or both male and female. The very fact that these people are corporate employees, they are young too. What could be the reason why these young couples lose their fertility at a very young age?

We discuss with an infertility doctor in Chennai regarding the possible reasons for the causes of infertility in young couples. The fact he revealed was very simple and true. The lifestyle is to be blamed. This lifestyle is in a way that it gives relief from temporary situations but is causing permanent illness. The eating habits are in such a way this is going to give them serious health ailments in the near future. Most of them do not know the prolonged effects of being on junk food. They fall into obesity at a very younger age and obesity is a cause of infertility. Overweight in male leads to weaker sperms. By weaker sperms, we mean that the sperm qualities like sperm motility, sperm length, and strength of the sperm weaken and it will be unable to fertilize an egg or even reach the uterus for fertilization.

In the female, overweight will cause problems like PCOD and even a weak uterus and eventually will lead to miscarriages. Smoking in both men and women is increasing and this will lead to serious side effects. Not only cancer, smoking leads to poor sperm quality in men and in women, it increases the risk of fibroids, endometriosis, and even PCOD. Most of these conditions are reversible but we will have to wait for years to get this sorted. Our fertility health is very delicate, especially in male counterparts. Hence we must take good care of it otherwise will lead to serious health conditions including infertility.


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