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Latest Home Trends To Say Goodbye in 2018


Embrace the new year with a distinct aura. Brush off the remains of the past year form your home. Get an early start with spring cleaning and throw away the items you won’t need to sail with this 2018. Whether you have a cozy home out of town, or condo Ortigas or Cebu, here are the latest home trends you won’t have to follow.

1. Exposed Light Bulbs

The year 2018 is about sexiness and sleekness. Anything that blocks the seamless flow of design or element in a room must go. The same goes for bare lighting. Exposed light became a trend because of the allure of all things vintage. Hence, – brass light fixtures and bulbs that resemble tungsten came to life.

However, the moment for these kinds of light fixtures is over. Track beams and overhead illumination seem cluttered and make the area look tacky.

Trade with: Recessed lights – They’re much simple, neat and easy to work with concerning decorations.

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2. Granite

It was all the rage the previous years. Its durability and design made it an ideal surface topper. It easily transforms the look of the place as it comes in various colors, but it isn’t sleek. It also doesn’t have an elegant quality that is the rage in 2018. Moreover, it is high maintenance.

Trade with: Marble or Quartz. If you value design over upkeep, the marble is a suitable alternative to your space. The same goes with quartz, but the latter offers the best of both worlds. Its luster makes your area looking spotless and well-maintained.

3. Bamboo Panels

Ethically made products include materials made of bamboo. Unfortunately, the production of these materials has negative ecological impact. First, it results in large amounts of carbon emission. Bamboo comes from various Asian countries, so it needs transport and shipping.

Next comes the issue of ecological balance. Farmers sacrifice foliage to make way for bamboo fields. The excessive demand for bamboo eradicates traditional farmlands. Most of all, bamboo has low durability. The material tends to expand in heat.

Trade with: Local produced lumber and materials. When the materials used for construction is available in your area, you spend less and save more. You also get to help the local industry and minimize your carbon footprint.

4. DIY Home Accessories

Pinterest can make the shabby look glamorous. Unfortunately, real life has no filter for your repurposed egg cartons, stained mason jars and repurposed wood craters. Sometimes, DIY prints and patterns can go awry and make your space feel gaudy. It also makes your area look junky. You may do some good to the world, but it doesn’t reflect in your home.

Trade with: Antique or thrifted pieces. These items carry an authentic feel while still looking fashionable. Acquiring someone else’s preloved home accessories saves the thing and saves the world.

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5. Repurposed Wood

Salvaged wood from existing furniture or leftovers from industrial work is a cheap and eco-friendly way to decorate. There are many ways to upcycle the material, but it still ends up looking outdated. At the same time, too much of the country charm and rustic details make the area seem old-fashioned.

Trade with: Soft and curved items. A dark wooden furniture, for instance, will look chic with full, pastel throw pillows. If you have a coffee table or a surface on a side, top it off with glass, marble or quartz.

6. White on White

White can be a neutralizer against dark colors. It can also lighten dark areas of a room. Still, too much of the color can make the room, stiff, starchy and restricted. Consequently, white kitchens are oversaturated. Most designers and decorators are looking for new materials to play up the theme.

Trade with: Dark colors. Modern kitchens use black and other deep neutral colors to break off white. Some rooms embrace the dark shade wholeheartedly to pop out from the rest of the house.

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7. Bohemian Wall Hangings

The trippy vibes of the ’70s are a thing of the past. The drug-induced state doesn’t translate well into interior design, especially when used in excess. Tie-dyes and flower child makes you seem like you can’t let go of the past. It’s time to take down the illusion of nirvana from your tapestry.

Trade with: Elegant and silky materials. Silk is soft, feminine and mature. It also comes in various shades. You can surely pick a color that puts a touch of personality into your home. Glass figures, fresh flowers and lace details are other materials that give off the elegant feel.

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8. Rosé Palettes

The rose gold movement is over. It is no longer the color of the cool girls. Though it retains it chic quality, other hues and materials can add color and variety to your home.

Trade with: Other metallics, refreshing pastels, and dark matte. There’s a bunch of gem and sparkly shades you can choose for your home palette. Pastels like lemon yellow, mint green, and lilac provide stimulation without being overly used. You can also try experimenting with pops of mattes or chalkboard paint for some variety.


Remember these eight pieces. Avoid using them in your home to make it look fresh and updated. Still, you can mix old and contemporary pieces as long you keep it at a minimum. Balance is always the key. Happy decorating!


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