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3 Reasons Why Las Vegas is The Best Vacation Destination in The US


Las Vegas in Nevada, US is that place which has inevitably featured on every list of places you should visit at least once in your youth. It isn’t for no reason that the place is called ‘the adult’s playground’ and even ‘Sin City’. Las Vegas has sensational glitz, glamour, and an energy that is signature to itself. The infectious energy of the iconic glittery nightclubs, mammoth starred hotels, and twinkling lights that never go off is hard to resist. Did you know you can have Las Vegas marijuana delivery to your place too?

However, if you still aren’t convinced why Las Vegas is the best vacation destination in the US, we’ll give you three more:

1. The Hoover Dam

How can anyone miss out on the iconic Hoover Dam, symbolic of the American Dream? This architectural spectacle was built during The Great Depression and is the largest reservoir in the country. It stands 221.2 metres tall, bagging the title of being one of the tallest dams in the world. The marvel of the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas puts its ability to accommodate visitors of all ages and interest on display. From the party-loving youth to families, Las Vegas welcomes all with arms wide open.

2. Endless Parties and Entertainment

It is no news that Las Vegas is synonymous to parties. The city needs no excuse to party. Besides the ritzy nightclubs in The Strip, it is dotted with hotels and party places better than the other and vying for the spot of being the best place to party in Las Vegas. The weather here gets really hot (up to 43 degrees) in the summer which means you can enjoy a plethora of pool parties. On the other hand, the pleasant winters make it ideal for enjoying the outdoors, meaning that Las Vegas can be visited at any time of the year!

Staying true to its spirit of versatility and inclusion, it isn’t only about partying. There’s an unlimited scope of entertainment here as well. The Strip is the place to experience live performers. Las Vegas has also been an integral part of the entertainment industry over the years.

3. Vacaying It Right

If glitz and glamour don’t lure you, its rich history, emerging pop culture, natural beauty and proximity to other vacay destinations surely will. The place is a couple hours’ drive from Big Bear in California, Zion National Park in Utah, Death Valley National Park and the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas isn’t popularly associated with art galleries but The Arts District neighbourhood, with its galleries, cafes and restaurants will prove you wrong.

If you’re an Elvis fan, Las Vegas has a lot of history in store for you. For instance, you can visit the gym where Elvis and Ann Margaret filmed Viva Las Vegas.

It’s evident that Las Vegas gives you more than 3 reasons to experience the place. No US vacation is complete without a visit to this iconic city!


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