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Kids’ Room Ideas: Unique, Creative and Fascinating


Interior design can be tough at the best of times. But, when it comes to keeping your kids happy and entertained, things can become tougher than ever. When decorating our kids’ rooms, we want to choose decor and accessories that keep them entertained. But, that actually compliments the rest of the house as well. And, that’s where things get tricky. If you’re lacking inspiration for your child’s bedroom however, here are the 5 kids’ room ideas to inspire you.

1. Pink Princess Kids’ Room Ideas

Kids’ Room Ideas
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If you have a little girl with an avid interest in Disney princesses, a pink princess room will go down an absolute treat. You can use bright pinks, light pinks, dark pinks, creams, whites, rose colors, and more for the walls, and whichever bedding you deem appropriate. Go with princess accessories such as crowns, tiaras, stuffed toys and stunning pink carpet scattered around the place. Your little girl will absolutely love what you’ve created.

2. Sports Themed Room

Kids’ Room Ideas
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If your child has a keen interest in sports, you can really go to town and create the perfect bedroom for him. You can go with stadium wallpaper. So, it literally looks like their bedroom is a football stadium surrounded by thousands of fans in the crowd. You could include a football rug, sports-themed bedding, and even the name and logo of their favorite sports team of athlete on their wall.

3. Treehouse Bedroom

Kids’ Room Ideas
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Kids absolutely adore tree houses. Although, they’d sleep outdoors in a real tree house if they could, for your own peace of mind, this will probably not be an option. What you can do however, is create a tree house bedroom for your children so they get the best of both worlds. Kid’s room ideas will comprise having the walls painted with woodland scenery, or in the style of an outdoor garden. Complete with plenty of greenery and woodland themed accessories. You can then construct a bunk bed to resemble that of a tree house, and use any other finishing touches you like the look of. You can recreate the outdoors, indoors.

4. Racing Track Room

Kids’ Room Ideas
Photo by Wendi Young Design – Look for traditional kids’ room design inspiration

If your child loves motor racing, then a racing track themed bedroom is definitely the room for them. First off you can go with a race car bed, which they will absolutely adore instantly. To take things further, you could have a grey carpet to resemble the racetrack surface itself, along with spectator wallpaper so they feel as if they are on the racing track being watched live by thousands of motor racing fans. You could ordain the walls with hubcaps, license plates, and any other accessories with a motor-racing theme. This is indeed one of the wonderful and fascinating kid’s room ideas for you.

5. A Beach Retreat Themed Room

Kids’ Room Ideas
Photo by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID – More world-inspired kids’ room photos

Kids absolutely love going to the beach and so do adults. For that matter, why not bring the beach to them and decorate their bedroom in the style of a beach retreat? You can have the walls painted in the style of the sea, complete with distant tropical islands and palm trees. You could use the carpet or wooden floor to resemble the sand. To finish things off, you could even construct a boat-shaped surround for their bed. So, it literally will feel as if they are sleeping on a boat on the beach each night.

These are the 5 unique kids’ room ideas. Apply any of them based on your kid’s choices and preferences.



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