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7 Key Tips for Updating Your Living Room


Blah! It’s time to say goodbye to that boring living room design you’re forced to look at every day. What once might have worked for you and your home no longer adds any value.

Updating your living room means letting go of the bland and simple decor and embracing new trends and styles. Turning a basic room into a useable space makes for a wonderful transition. It’s worth the time and money that you put into it if you’re going to get something amazing out of it that you’ll use each and every day.

However, don’t think that a bucket of new paint and a paintbrush is going to get the transformation you’re looking for. Your living room needs much more from you than that. Here are 7 key tips for updating your living room!

1. Don’t Leave the Ceiling Out

First things first, don’t forget about the ceiling. The ceiling is a feature of every room that’s easy to forget about. But you’d be surprised how much a ceiling can really make or break a room.

And once you give your ceiling a little bit of attention, you’ll notice how much bigger and cleaner the room looks. The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the popcorn ceiling if your living room has one. Then, consider adding crown molding to give it some personality.

At the very least, you can freshen your ceiling up with a new coat of paint. Choose white to lighten the room as ceilings easily become dull and grey. Or, go with a bold color if you believe your room can pull it off!

2. Switch Out Your Throw Pillows and Curtain

An easy way to bring life back into a bland space is to switch out your throw pillows and curtain. It’s inexpensive to do and extremely simple. Your throw pillows and curtain are what give your living room its style and color.

Taking your old ones and replacing them with new ones offering new designs is a great way to update the room. If you don’t already have throw pillows and curtains, then it’s time to buy some! It’s an even better idea to purchase these items when your couch and the majority of the living room are neutral colors.

Fun and exciting designs and colors on throw pillows and curtains splash creativity in an otherwise plain atmosphere.

3. Replace Your Rug With a New One or Add One

If you have a rug in your living room, then consider replacing it. Even if your rug seems like it’s still in good condition, chances are it looks a lot duller than it did when you purchased it. Take your old one out and replace it with a brand new rug!

Try to match the rug with the throw pillows and curtains. Keep either the colors or the design the same, or both! If your living room doesn’t currently have a rug, then you should consider getting one.

Rugs offer comfort and warmth to any room. Adding a rug might even tie the entire room together. It’ll be the perfect spot for sitting down and pulling out board games or gathering around for a movie night.

4. Update Your Walls With More Than Paint

Sure, your walls might need some new paint. Repainting your living room walls is definitely a necessity if it hasn’t been done in a while. Paint gets dull over time and with the living room being such a high-traffic area, there’s probably a good amount of scuff marks and such.

Yes, repaint those dull walls! But don’t stop there. Update your walls with more than just paint by displaying fun and creative artwork and wall decor. You can also install shelving for displaying your favorite knick-knacks and pictures.

5. Rearrange Your Furniture

Now, you don’t need to run out to the store and purchase brand new items if your furniture is still fairly new. However, if your furniture is outdated or worn down, then you’ll want to do some shopping. Kittles Furniture Store has great home decor items and even offers repair when needed!

Once you purchase your new furniture pieces, it’s time to rearrange your furniture. Don’t fall back into your same patterns and place your living room furniture in the same spots. Swap things around and rearrange.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple rearrangement of furniture to make the room feel like a whole new space.

6. Splash Some Greenery Into the Mix

We know how important natural light is for a home. And you’ll want your living room to have as much of it as possible. But with this natural light, you’ll also want to add in some greenery.

Greenery is the perfect way to brighten up a room, and it looks amazing in the natural light. Plus, the plants will benefits greatly from the sunlight as well. If you don’t have a lot of natural light coming into your living room, don’t panic.

There are several indoor plants that don’t need direct sunlight to flourish. And adding these plants are good for purifying the air and keeping your mind at peace.

7. Turn Awkward Spaces Into Useful Ones

If your living room has any awkward spaces such as a nook, don’t let the space go to waste. Turn awkward spaces into useful ones. For example, you can take this nook and transform it into a small office space or reading area.

Consider placing a desk behind your couch to use empty space and so on.

Updating Your Living Room the Smart Way

Following these 7 tips listed above is the best way for updating your living room the smart way. Need more lifestyle tips? Check-in with us regularly for more!


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