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Are you building an E-commerce store? Designing your user interface for yourself or for a logo design competition ? Across the years, the online world has become more and more of a popular place to buy, sell and expose your business to thousands of potential online customers. While setting up your own business E-commerce website, it needs to be done correctly to ensure your customers take you seriously. One such thing that’s critically important to get right when designing your E-commerce website is the interface design. So why is it important? The following is a guide on why the interface design is critically important for your E-commerce website.

1. Navigation

Interface Design
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The interface design is what makes the layout of your website easy to navigate. Without designing your interface well, your customers will have a hard time in finding what they need on your website. This can cause your visitors to leave before finishing a sale. This is important if you want to convert visitors into sales. Poor navigation will only leave your visitors frustrated. Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Check each page for loading and refreshing rates. Make sure your layout is easy to understand, simple and makes sense to your targeted audience.

2. Bounce Rate

A well maintained and designed E-commerce interface is also important to reduce your overall bounce rate. Your bounce rate is the percentage of people that visit your website but leave within a short amount of time. Bounce rate can come down too many things. However, you can guarantee poor navigation and interface design has a lot to do with it. Test your website first by visiting it as if you’re a visitor on the outside. When you click through your website take note of what you see. Is the layout easy to read? Does it look professional?

3. Professionalism

The idea of designing your own E-commerce website is for people to buy what you’re selling them. This can only be done if your website is professional. Professional websites are seen when the user interface is designed correctly. This is why, it’s important for your E-commerce website’s user interface to be planned out accordingly with the user in mind to ensure everything is professional and easy to find. Many businesses have lost business because they don’t have a professional website layout. Remember you only have 3 seconds to impress your visitors when they land on your website homepage. So, it’s important to make the homepage attractive, professional, and easy to navigate to attract and keep your visitors on your website for as long as possible.

4. Reoccurring Visitors

Having a well-designed interface is important for connecting with your visitors, gaining their trust and having them come back to you time and time again. Visitors will trust a business more when they have a well thought out website where they can find things in seconds. Reoccurring visitors are important to the success of your website, business and overall profit margin. Without them, your business will start to fail. If you find your website doesn’t attract the constant visitor traffic, it may be time to re-look into why this may be happening. You could also check reviews of your website to see what customers have said. This may also help you find the answer to why visitors may not be coming back to your site.

5. Website Functionality

The interface design also affects the functionality of the website and how your visitors use and see your website. Designing a well thought out interface design allows users to see your site as a professional and trustworthy E-commerce business. This increases the chance of your website making it higher in search engines as it gains in popularity. It also provides visitors with a trustworthy place to visit when they want to buy a specific product that you sell.

Your E-commerce website is the backbone of your business. It needs to be presented well in order to gain visitor trust enough to convert into profitable sales. The interface design largely accounts for whether visitors stay and buy, or move away from your site. When designing your e-commerce interface, make sure you test it and imagine yourself as a potential buyer. Can you find what you’re looking for? Is it user friendly and easy to navigate? Is it appealing to the eye? Does it look professional? All these questions should be answered to ensure your interface design is right for your website needs. Without a great user interface you will start to feel it all the way through your business. So have you designed your user interface? Does it cover all these things mentioned above? Which one were you missing out on?

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