Interesting Facts About Sex


Do you think that you know everything about sex? Well, there’s always something new and unique about it. And, people always search for interesting facts for having a good sexual life. Check out these facts on sex and see if you know them all.

Shocking Scientific Revelations on Sex

1. Women During the Ovulating Phase Tend to Commit Adultery

It’s not just about the character of the women, it has a scientific reason behind it. During her ovulation phase, a woman has high levels of hormones in her body. This enhances her desire to fertilize the eggs with the sperms and reproduce during the stage of fertilization. Therefore, they become the victim of adultery in several cases.

2. Fat Guys Can Last for Longer Period in Bed

We think that being fat is very bad for health. But, did you know that fat guys really last almost thrice as longer than the gym freaks in bed. This is one of the interesting facts on sex.

Do You Think There Is an Importance of Sex on Relationship?

3. Which is More Sensitive?

It’s the female clitoris, which is more sensitive than the men’s penis. Clitoris is the area, which plays the role during the orgasm and provides physical pleasure. The number of nerve fibers in the clitoris is twice as many as that in the penis section of male. And, when the clitoris is stimulated, it induces a wonderful pleasure to the female body.

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4. What’s the Best Time to Have Sex?

There’s no best time to have sex. It’s all about the moment. Still, it’s after going through a workout, people tend to have a wonderful sex. This is because, the blood flow trough the genitals increase during this phase of the day. The hormones simply peak up during the phase of exercise, which increases the desire to love making session to a huge extent.

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5. Amygdala Shuts Down During Orgasm

Amygdala, the part of human brain for depression and anxiety simply switches off, when a woman goes through the process of orgasm. This process isn’t very common. But, what happens is the activation of vaginal muscles result in muscular spasms, which result in an increase in tension in the neck, abdomen, arms, face and legs.

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