Instagram Helps in Endorsing Right Fashion Product to Increase Traffic


The most significant good thing about Instagram is that it helps the business owners to endorse their right products just at the right moment. This is particularly helpful for the fashion industry and companies as it requires proper and timely synchronization of the trending fashion with demand.

This will invariably lead to more traffic to the site of the business to have a look at all the other products, make a buying decision and that will increase the chances of converting visitors into loyal customers.

Therefore, if you really want to increase traffic to your fashion site then you should know about the fundamental techniques for building and promoting your fashion brand on Instagram.

Reasons to Use Instagram

They are a few significant reasons to prefer Instagram over other social media channels by fashion brands. These are:

  • This has the largest outreach of over 800 million currently and counting
  • This is a mobile app and
  • It is primarily a photo and short video sharing app.

Since nowadays most of the consumers use their mobile phones almost all the time to look for news and new product launches, it is important that the brands focus on these mobile users more than any other.

Since Instagram has an incredible range of engaged customers as compared to all other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others, it receives about 60 times more responses as compared to Facebook and about 120 times more visibility when compared with Twitter. It means it is little or no need to buy real Instagram likes to gain more followers and traffic to a site.

Therefore, there is hardly another channel that can be as effective and result-driven as Instagram when it comes to the fashion industry.

Ways to Attract Traffic

In order to attract more traffic to your fashion site using Instagram, there are a few specific ways in which you can accomplish that. These are:

  • Get familiarized with all the crucial features of Instagram before using it to endorse your products
  • Use the recently released Instagram for Business to get seamless services such as brand spotlights, API examples, brilliant promotional tips, and the latest news
  • Highlight user-generated content to give them recognition and excitement and in the process promote your brand to their huge network of their family and friends
  • Cross-promote across all social profiles to take the fullest advantage of social media
  • Use proper and relevant hashtags for endorsing your products and establish a better connection to the fashion community
  • Leverage YouTube to post videos of your fashionable accessories by directing the users to the specific source and
  • Attach videos that are related with the specific product that you want to promote.

Last but not least, never ignore the followers and always follow them back. Those who choose to follow your brand are valuable to you and following them will help you to build and maintain a strong and long-term relationship with these valuable customers. They will surely help you to gain more traffic to your site.


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