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Top 5 Indian Wedding Food Trends to Watch Out For In 2018


It doesn’t matter how much you have spent on your wedding outfits or how unique is the wedding decoration at your party, the most important thing that matters is how you treat your guests. Happy guests are the biggest sign of a successful wedding in any country and in a place like India, where the guests are treated like Gods, the Indian wedding organizers leave no stones unturned when it comes to satisfy the guests at the party.

The most important things that the guests look for is hospitality and good food. Yes, if the food at a party is not tasty enough to please the guests, then the entire party mood will get spoiled. If you really want your wedding to become the best weddings of the year 2018, then a savory menu won’t just help you … you really need to organize the food, perfectly, without any mistakes!

You can hire top wedding caterers near your place to get the best food preparation services for your wedding. To help you, we will reveal here the best 5 Indian wedding food trends in the year 2018. Hope, these best wedding food trends may help you in making your wedding “the talk of the town”.

The top 5 Indian wedding food trends to watch out for in 2018 are –

1. Personalized Drinks

Indian Wedding Food Trends 2018 , Personalized drinks
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In the year 2018, a lot of young couples have been trying to add a personal touch to the wedding preparations. You can do that too!

Yeah, you can organize beverage or drinks on the name of your close family member and friends. Such as, you can have Dad’s special morning coffee, or Grandpa’s Favorite soup. Like this, you can give personalized names to your wedding beverages.

This will make your close relatives feel specials and along with that, you can share personal liking with your guests, which will create a warm ambience at the party.

2. Healthy Snacks

Indian Wedding Food Trends 2018 , Healthy snacksYep! You must be wondering healthy snacks at a wedding, a how’s that possible? Well, health food items have become the hottest Indian wedding food trends in today’s times. Generally, people use to skip starters in order to keep themselves away from the unwanted calories.

Maybe not everyone, but a majority of guests would love to stick to healthy snack eating. For such guests, the top wedding caterers offer healthy food preparation service which can include gourmet salads, veg wraps, roasted chaat of nuts, etc.

So, it is a wise idea to add few healthy starters for health-conscious people in the wedding menu. You can even use fresh items or organic farm produces to prepare food at your wedding. This will help you in satisfying the appetite as well as the taste buds of your guests!

3. Do It Yourself!

Indian Wedding Food Trends 2018 , DIY barThis is one of the trending Indian Wedding Food Trends for 2018. This gives the guests to prepare something of their own choice. Giving a chance to the guests to eat according to their preferences is a great idea. Plus, it keeps them engaged!

You can have DIY stalls designed for the guests, like “prepare your own food chaat” or a Mocktail bar to “prepare your own special drink”. These elements will add a “Hatke” or different flavor to your wedding.

This idea is a hit in today’s Indian weddings as it gives a chance to guests to be a part of the wedding in the way, they want to.

4. Regional Cuisines

regional cuisine, Indian Wedding Food Trends 2018Majorly, we like to add those food items to our wedding food menu which are loved across the world. We like to bring something unique and new for our guests, to impress them.

But, couples in today’s times prefer to add famous regional food items of India to their wedding menu. These ways, the food will have different flavors of all parts of the nation. It makes the wedding menu very interesting for guests and it is the best menu in case of inter-faith marriages.

5. Quick Starters

pasta minibowl, regional cuisine, Indian Wedding Food Trends 2018Generally, Indian weddings serve hot beverages during the Pheras. But, now the caterers are serving the guests with light and interesting snacks like tacos, pasta bowls, mini pizzas, etc to manage their tiny hungry twinges!

These are some of the latest innovations that have been introduced to make the food arrangements at Indian weddings more interesting. Another very popular wedding food trend of 2018 is Food Trucks. Yes, beautifully decorated with lights and flowers; all set to allure the guests, these food trucks are strategically placed at a specific location in your wedding venue.

It can be anything – “ice cream truck” or the Chinese food truck, etc. whatever you going to name it, this idea will surely going to be a big hit at your wedding.

So, if you liked any of the above mentioned Indian wedding food trends then do it a try at your wedding!

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