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How Income Affects Health & Well Being?


Everyone wants money. Undeniably, money is as essential to life as air, unless you plan to live in isolation on some remote island, jungle or mountain. Money can buy countless things. Of course, things cannot make you happy, but as the old adage goes, it can get you somewhere near. However, too much money is also bad. So is having too little money. Medical research and psychological dogmas sufficiently prove, income directly impacts your health and well being. Too less money is bad while too much money is equally terrible.

Problems & Benefits of High Income

A huge income will buy you all gadgets, luxury home and expensive cars. In all probability you will marry a beautiful woman of your choice and lavish her with pricey gifts.

Of course, your kids will study at elite schools. The high income and savings are sufficient to last you lifetime. So, let us view how high income affects health and well being –positively and adversely.

Problem-1: Sedentary Lifestyle

The very first casualty of high income is your active lifestyle. What were once daily commutes on public transport such as buses and trains converts into rides in your car, possible chauffeur driven. This eradicates the need to walk. You begin gaining weight while your body piles on high cholesterol. Unwittingly, you open the floodgates of disease.

Benefit-1: Comfort

High income translates automatically as comfort. Meaning, you will buy a car and possibly hire a driver. Instead of sweating it out to work daily, you will ride in air conditioned comfort of your well deserved vehicle. You arrive fresher at work, bubbling with high spirits. Consequently, your productivity graph shows an upward swing.

Problem-2: Change in Socializing

Once you have big income, your peers who remain poor seem unattractive. You need to display your wealth and new financial standing. To achieve this new status, you will become member of some elite club. Here, the talk of stocks and commodities markets will attract you. However, you lose on what could be close, possibly lifelong friendships. Friends at clubs will look at your financial status rather than your knowledge and wisdom. Unable to compete, you may be left with a feeling of isolation that left untreated, can cause depression.

Benefit-2: Club Membership

Now that you can afford membership of an elite club, your social circle changes. At such clubs, you will come into contact with people who will discuss swings in stock markets rather than variations in vegetable prices. You gain knowledge about how to become more wealthy and eagerly invest. As you begin experiencing benefits of your high income, your financial graph begins to climb too. You are left with a sense of achievement and well being.

Problem-3: Unnecessary Grandiosity

Regardless whether you join a club or not, wealth always prompts you to boast or show off. Why not? After all you have worked for it. This showing off is expensive. It entails your family and you wear designer clothes, expensive jewelry, move in large cars, dining at exclusive restaurants. Often, you will end up spending more money than required to merely show off your wealth. Your income begins taking body blows.

Benefit-3: Experience Best of the World

Of course, wearing designer clothes, expensive jewelry and all fringe benefits of high income are necessary. After all, why should you earn high if you cannot indulge in luxuries? A high income helps you to experience things that one you craved for. Happiness is beneficial to mental wellbeing and physical health. Your high income earns you these luxuries, so you are within rights to enjoy.

Problem-4: Bodily Harm

People with limited or small income generally tend to scrape and scrounge on their food expenses. This means, you will ignore your body’s nutrition and eat solely for the purpose of satisfying hunger. Improper diet means insufficient nutrition. You will be prone to vitamin, mineral and protein deficiencies. Your spouse and kids might appear as though they are survivors of some disaster zone. Frequent runs to your family doctor are common for simple ailments.

Benefit-4: Pleasing Epicurus

High income earners usually spend more on food. Hence, you will buy fruits, fresh vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and dairy products that provide ample nutrition for the body. Every meal will be an Epicurean delight of sorts. However, sedentary lifestyle and loss of physical activity means you gain weight. Your kids can look obese while your spouse whose figure you once lusted becomes plump and unattractive.

Problem-5: Mental Stress

Poverty or low income is known to cause severe mental stress. Nobody wants to provide cheap stuff to the spouse and kids. After all, that was not the reason why you married and have kids. Daily demands for cash to run your household and paucity of funds due to poor income leaves you with severe mental stress. It adversely impacts your work too. Domestic quarrels are common and you become prone to domestic violence.

Benefit-5: Happily Married Ever After?

Not really. High income earners also face severe mental stress. Once you are accustomed to a certain lifestyle, it is extremely hard to downsize. Meaning, you are constantly stressed to maintain your high income while looking for avenues to earn higher every day. Investing in high-return-high-risk financial products adds to your mental stress. You can suffer insomnia or from any other major stress related disorder.

Finding the Right Balance

Where do you find the right balance between your income, health and well being? This question has eluded humans for centuries. It is well known that inherently rich people do not suffer the stress and strains or diseases that afflict the novae rich. People who hail from rich families or have high incomes somehow find it easier to adapt to simpler lifestyle with limited income. People who get rich instantly are highly susceptible to physical and mental afflictions.

On the other hand, poorer people somehow adapt to living within a small income. Though they worry about income and brood over its lack, they enjoy several other things such as great friendships, quality time with spouse and kids instead of clubs. Their rigorous lifestyle keeps them fit and healthy to a great extent. The theory of natural immunity manifests as true as they remain protected against major infections.

Money is not something bad, as some people may claim. However, lust for money and wrong pursuit of the currency, fueled by avarice is bad. Striking a balance between income and expenses is possible. Only, you need to look for it within your current lifestyle. If poor people hoard money, they will live a sad life, full of wants. Ditto for rich people, who will splurge sans any control. They will lead a sad life because ultimately, money can buy stuff and never happiness.


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