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Do You Think There Is an Importance of Sex on Relationship?


Do you think that sex is overrated? Do you feel that sex has a role to play beyond your bedroom? Let’s discuss the importance of sex on relationship. And, how it is used to lead a good life.

1. Sex Brings Couples Together

Have you heard of the term, “Makeup Sex”? If it’s a scenario that there are a little misunderstandings and conflicts going on between you and your partner, then sex has a role to play in mending things up. After having fights when you go and make love with your beloved, small issues simply get vanished. The issues will soften and you’ll be closer even more.

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2. Sex Induces Intimacy

It is that form, which induces powerful and deep sense of intimacy among the couples. It connects two individuals not only by means of their bodies, but by means of hearts and souls. It is an energetic connection bonding two individuals, who are madly in love with each other.

3. Sex Enhances the Comfort Level in a Relationship

It’s  true that couples definitely wish to have a high zone of comfort level among each other. The closeness and openness are highly essential to maintain a healthy relationship. Physical involvement with each other and making love often enhances the level of comfort zone in the relationship. Thus, the importance of sex on relationship helps to keep it vibrant and full of life.

4. Sex Often Acts as a Medium to Resolve Conflicts Among the Couples

Yes, you heard it right. Sex is just not the fun in one’s bedroom or a physical satisfaction. It’s implications are far beyond it. It has severe importance on relationships. Many a time, a conflict, which cannot be resolved by arguments or logic, may be resolved with the simple touch of love and tenderness.

5. Sex Keeps the Spark Alive

Physical activity definitely has an emotional appeal attached to it. The love hormone, also known as oxytocin keeps the spark alive in a relationship. It helps in eliminating the monotony and imparting spontaneity in the relationship.

If you’re in a thought that sex is all about physical pleasure, fun and enjoyment, you’re definitely wrong. It has a lot more to add to it. Check out some of the essential importance of sex on relationship. Feel free to share your views with us in our comment section below.




13 thoughts on “Do You Think There Is an Importance of Sex on Relationship?”

  1. im a married man and we still young my wife she’s 30 and im 35 .I have been seated down and discuss with her and still she’s not willing to change anything. we only do sex once a week or the following weekend. when you ask for her she will always tells you wait for a beat or im tired.i have tried to speak her many times but nothing she’s willing to change.sometimes I get cross thought maybe she will regret still she I dont know what to do because I will end up cheating and im nearly on that because im not happy in my bedroom. last week I told her that do you know that our marriage will be destroyed bcoz of sex.her answer was I can go to my girlfriend if I really confused and I love my wife.

    1. My dear you shouldn’t cheat becoz you’ve made vows to her, remember? Talk to her. Explain your side. Be calm when explaining. Talk in a nice way. Give her anything that will make her happy and so she’ll return the favor.

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