1st birthday party

Ideas for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party


A one year old kid doesn’t have interest and he or she will not know what is going on if you are throwing a kids birthday party. That is the reason why with this one, you will need to take a path that is different. This is done purely s you can have some cool memories that the kid can see later.

You will also be throwing this party majorly for the people that can see and understand what is going on and that means the older kids and the other people that are your age as the parent. This is a day that is for the people and not the baby to celebrate.

The kids’ birthday parties are way more stressful. For this one, you need to relax.

Preparing for the 1St Birthday Party of a Baby

With the baby being not the one that the party is directed at, you will mostly be preparing for guests that are older than the baby. There is a lot that will need to be done but I can tell you that for this one, it is way easier that when you are doing this for a baby who can see and know what is happening.

When you want to prepare, you need to pick a time that they will arrive and also make sure that you do not interrupt the cycle of naps that the baby follow. This way, it will be easy to predict when the baby will be awake. That is when they are most adorable eating their toes and talking or gurgling non-stop. People love to see those sights and hear those sounds

The Things You Need to Keep In Mind for the 1St Birthday Party

You have probably never done this before if you have to check but I can tell you it will be so easy. There is less required and the whole thing will take a very short time from beginning to end.

1. Invited Guests

When you are doing this for a one year old, you will mostly be inviting your friends seeing as the baby has not yet made any, duh! This is you celebrating having a baby who has finally reached the milestone of a year. Maybe you want to inspire others, lord this fact over them or just an excuse to have fun but whatever it is, the guests will need to be limited to friends and family.

2. Prepare for Naps

You probably have a way to tell how your baby will nap. As much as babies get tired easily, you will need to keep the baby that you have awake for a longer duration so that the guests can engage it and watch it giggle and stare at them with a silly smile. Plan this for when the baby will be most awake. That way, you will have all the fun from seeing a happy smiling baby.

3. Keep The Other Kids Away

At least for most of the time, you will need to keep the other kids away especially the older ones. They will not know how to make sure that they do not harm the baby in any way. That is why you will need to make sure that they are outside when the other older guests are looking. You can let them stare and touch the baby with careful monitoring though, it makes them giddy.

4. Have Some Help

When you have this kind of event with a baby who is still 1 year old, you will need to have some help that will be with you so that you can balance the hosting and the taking care of the baby. That is something that will not be easy to do when you have no help. This means that you will need to have a babysitter that will help you with this kind of work.

5. Don’t Freak Out

This is not one of those times when you need to hire a DJ; that time will come. At this point, all you have to do is give the guests an impressive spread and make sure that you time it just right that thy catch the baby when it is most playful and awake. People love babies because they are cute and giggly and easy to smile and those are the things that will make this a success.

6. What To Eat

When you have guests, as much as you may know them well enough, you need to be careful to ask what kind of allergies they may have and what they can and can’t eat. That way, you can make sure that this is a smooth party that will not take long to plan for.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated here. Just keep the baby at its most adorable mode


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