how to pleasure a woman in bed

How to Pleasure a Woman in Bed?


I have tried several times. But, I could never satisfy my girl friend during love making. Every time we make out, she seems to be left dissatisfied. I have even asked her about my shortcomings. But, she doesn’t express it frankly. I am confused about how to pleasure a woman in bed. Here are some essential tips to help this guy out so that he can enjoy all the fun while making love to his girl.

1. Passion is the Key

Sex is just not another job. It is an attachment. It is the bonding between two individuals. It’s highly important that you be very passionate in every move of yours while you’re in love making with a girl. Passion is supposed to be one important factor of intimacy, romance, satisfaction and relationship.

2. Foreplay

If you’re looking for solutions to how to pleasure a woman in bed, foreplay is the basic one. The psychosexual therapist, Dr. Ruth found out that it takes quite a longer time for a woman to reach the level of orgasm unlike men. Thus, indulging in lots of foreplay plays the trick. There are guys, who straight away jumps into intercourse. But, hey, hold on! have some fun before it gets over.

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3. Go As Per Her Needs

It’s vital that you understand her body, her needs and her erogenous spots properly if you’re really looking for ways to pleasing a woman. And, trust me, no two woman has the same needs and same erogenous zones. Pay heed to her entire body. It may be her earlobes or her neck or her lips or her spine or the space between her thighs or the one between her breasts or her butt or any other. Find out the ones for your girl and move as per her needs.

4. Don’t Simply Focus on ORGASM

Remember, love making is all a process. If you’re looking forward to jump her to orgasm straight away, you are definitely not near to satisfying her. You keep the whole process of making love smooth and passionate. Rest the answer to how to pleasure a woman in bed will be answered on its own.

5. Handle Clitoris with Care

Clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman body. Be very matured and tender while handling the clitoris if you really want her to moan.

These tips on how to please a woman in bed are simply the guidelines. Sex is all about the pleasure and satisfaction. Needless to say that it’s crucial to make real efforts, communicate, understand her needs and make her feel loved to satisfy a woman in bed.


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