how to get rid of hair dye

I Wanted to Get Rid of Hair Dye. And This is How I Did It!!


How to get rid of hair dye is a common question asked by individuals these days. Nowadays, dyeing hair is one of an easy way to color your hair. But what if, you’re not satisfied with the result? What if your hair color appears darker now? Now thinking – How to remove hair dye? But please, before booking an appointment in your salon, try following these healthy tips. The tips can be performed easily at home and are result oriented. Materials required are readily available in your home and if not, go to the shop. They are not much costly. So please have a look on the tips of how to get rid of hair dye.

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1. Solution to How to Get Rid of Hair Dye is Detergents

Yes, one of the effective solutions to the question, how to remove hair dye is detergents. Clothing detergents contain high amount of chemicals in it. It helps to remove 70 percent of the dye from the hair. But, please remember, always prefer the detergent that doesn’t contain any bleaching agent in it. And, don’t use in excess. Only one spoon is enough. But please take care of your hair after washing. This is because; it can make your hair dry or frizzy.

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2. Massage with Warm Oil to Remove Hair Dye

This method offers an easy and natural way to remove the dye from the hair. So, massage your hair with warm oil. Make sure you are oiling your hair roots and tips evenly. Now, after that, you can wrap the hair with a clean cotton cloth for at least an hour. Then, wash your hair after this and please prefer hot water for washing. The method is a great beauty secret to nourish the hair follicles as well.

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3. Baking Soda is Another Way to Get Rid of Hair Dye

We are well aware about the fact that baking soda is one of the natural bleaching agents. It offers an effective way to minimize the color of the dye. How to use it? You have to just make a paste of baking soda and your shampoo. But make sure you’re using the equal amount of both. Now you can get the desired result with this paste. First make your hair wet and then apply this paste thoroughly and wash it with warm water after a few minutes.

4. Hair Color Removal Chemicals

The hair color remover is also an easy answer to the question how to get rid of hair dye? Nowadays, markets are flushed with lots of creams and lotions to remove the dye from the hair. But, how many times you have to wash your hair? It depends on the color you’ve used to dye the hair. In general, twice washing is enough to achieve the target. But, sometimes, 4 washes may also be required. So, it totally depends on how much dye you’ve applied to your hair.

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5. The Paste of Vitamin C Tablets

If you’re having vitamin C tablets in your home, then this method can also be a great way. Due to the presence of acid in the tablets, the chemical composition of the dye breaks down easily. What do you have to do? You have to first crush the tablets and then make a paste of these tablets by dissolving them in water. And then, make your hair wet and apply this paste evenly. Leave the paste for at least an hour. Then, you can wash your hair. Two to three washes are sufficient.

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I am sure, after reading this article, you will not further worry about- How to get rid of hair dye? And yes, don’t forget to do a proper care of your hair after this.



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  1. I don’t use hair dye so l won’t need to worry about it. However, I know a few people who would benefit from your advice. 🙂

  2. I wish this took out bleach!!! I went ombré blonde a few years ago and still have juuust a tiny bit left and want to get it out without cutting it again! But this will definitely be handy for me when I box-hair-dye my hair and it doesn’t turn out the way I want it! Thank you for sharing!!

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