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Are Hooded Dryers Worth It – Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer For Natural Hair Review


As an individual with black hair, if you have ever had natural curls, you can attest to the fact that it takes a lot of effort to keep your hair curly. While there are various ways to keep your black hair curly, some methods are a lot more efficient than others. If you want your curly black hair to have the best possible appearance with the least effort, one simple way you can get this done is by making use of a hooded dryer like these. In as much as there are other ways to get your hair cured, doing so with the use of a hooded dryer will help you get faster and better results with very minimal efforts.

Hooded dryers are not so cheap. This has left a lot of people with the question; are hooded dryers for black hair worth the investment? If you have this same question, read on to find out how important hooded dryers are for black hair.

Hooded Dryers Offers You the Opportunity to Multitask

This is perhaps the most obvious benefits of making use of hooded dryers when treating your black hair. With hooded dryers, you can get other things done as your black hair is being dried. You can read a newspaper or go through and also respond to some emails.

You Get More Rapid Drying

One of the many benefits of investing in hooded dryers is you do not need to move around with braids that are not perfectly dry. The presence of a hooded dryer in your home means you can get your hair washed and go on to get it dry with a hooded dryer in a couple of minutes. The time needed to get your hair dry is so short that it will be barely enough for you to go through all your emails before your hair is perfectly dry. It is good to have a hooded dryer around. It, however, is not okay to just have a hooded dryer around, you should always make use of a dryer that has a high wattage as this way you can make your choice of heat options.

You can Enjoy Stretched Curls

If stretched curls are your thing, you can get them with the use of hooded dryers. All you need to do is apply the product you intend making use of to your hair and get it slicked the way you want it to be. Once this gets done, you can go ahead to make use of dryers. Use the dryer in a way that your head is totally covered. It is also important that you set the dryer on a high flow. If you need additional stretch, you can make use of clips to hold your hair at its end. Using clips adds extra weight to your hair. Once you are done drying, you can take away the clips and get your hair twirled using any oil of your choice.


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