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5 Trendy Home Renovation Ideas for 2018


We may be halfway through the year 2018 already, but it’s never too late to make some changes in your life. The changes may come in the form of many things. You may want to take up a new hobby, or perhaps find a new job, or start a new relationship, or you may want to see some changes in your home! A home renovation may seem like a daunting task. It can cost quite a lot of money and will require a lot of effort. But if you do your research, and make some smart decisions, you’ll end up with a home that you will be proud to live in for many years to come. Check out some of the tips below for some home renovation ideas.

1. Add Some Word Art to your Wall

if you want to start with simple changes in your home, why not start with your walls? For this year, many experts say that gone are the days of accent walls, where one wall will have a different color than the rest. it’s an easy way of putting some design on your room, but instead of doing that, you can try putting some word art instead. You can pick your favorite quotes and write them on the wall. If you’re not sure you want to use your own handwriting, you can check for wall decals instead.

2. Jewel Tones

if you’re looking for new colors for your wall, consider getting some dark, cozy jewel tones. Or instead of your wall, you can bring in some new furniture in tones of dark green or a vibrant purple to add a dash of color to your space.

3. Vintage Accents

Renovations do not have to be big projects. If you don’t have the budget to tear down walls and create new cabinets, etc, you can still achieve a new look for your home by adding some quirky and unique accessories all over the house. Vintage has become popular in the past years, and fortunately, it is still very much in. The great thing about vintage finds is that you’ll probably own pieces that no one else will have. You can check out thrift shops or even online stores like eBay and the like for some great vintage finds.

4. Underfloor Heating

it may still be summer, but it’s never too early to think of the coming cold months. If you have the budget, consider renovating your flooring and adding underfloor heating. You’ll thank yourself when it gets colder and you’ll feel the comfort of warm floors all over your home. You can check out some underfloor heating available here so you can have an idea on what the price is.

5. Streamlined Designs

if you want a space that seems bigger and brighter, go for a streamlined design. It’s simple, you’ll have more visual space and you’ll also have a lot of space to work on.


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