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5 Home Maintenance Tips for Summer


Every season, there is certain work to be done around your home in order to prepare you for the weather. Summer, like the winter, requires the most preparations due to the temperature rise, scorching sun, and fully woken flora. This is also a perfect time to go through with repairs around the home, or any additions to the house you’ve been planning for a while. To help you with that, here are some maintenance tips we suggest could be very useful for the summer.

1. Prepare the Yard

If you have a garden, you already prepared it for the summer. Spring is the time when most of the plants are seeded and planted. However, the job doesn’t end there. During the summer, you have to make sure that plants are regularly irrigated and weeded. Protect them from the pests by applying some of the organic pesticides you can make at home.
Mow the lawn so the grass wouldn’t become too tall and home to many insects and reptiles, including snakes. Trim the edges so they don’t grow too much and make sure that everything is neat for the yard parties. To get the additional cooling atmosphere in the yard, you can build a decorative waterfall or fountain.

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2. Create the Relaxation Area

Summer is also the time to check the patio and awnings for stability, as well as to bring out the sitting sets. If you don’t have that special area, consider making one this year. Not only will it give you a place to relax but also it will be an ideal spot to hang out with your family and friends. Those living in apartments can also create their own little oasis right on their balcony. With a bamboo sitting set and a few potted plants, you can easily create your own outdoor garden. There are wonderful dwarf trees you can place on your balcony and enjoy the fresh fruits in summer. Colorful flowers and herbs will bring out the authentic summer scents which will engulf your whole home.

3. Do the Repairs

If your house needs repairs, then there is no better time than summer to do them. This will prepare your home for the rainy days and winter. Check the roof for possible holes, as well as façade. These will not only cause your heat to escape during the cold months but also allow birds and rodents to enter the house. Another problem is humidity which can create mold on the walls. This means that you have a problem with insulation, gutters and should check them both before summer is over. Water in the structure can create structural and electrical damage, which means more costly repairs in the end. Replacing the roof tiles and patching up the outer walls should take care of this. However, plan to have an expert home inspection at the beginning of the summer.

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4. Prepare your Home for Summer Days

When the heat starts, the only thing most of us can think about is to escape to an air-conditioned space. However, before you turn on the cooling device, make sure that your home is energy efficient. This will keep the energy bill under control as well as the temperature inside your home. Checking the sealants on windows and doors is a good starting point, but also check for the cracks and holes in the structure. Schedule seasonal air conditioning service and maintenance since the filters and exterior unit need to be thoroughly cleaned from allergens, accumulated dust, and mites. Of course, you should clean the filters regularly every month, but hire professionals to perform in-depth cleaning at least once a year. Unattended air conditioners can lead to health issues and malfunction over time.

5. Polish the Exterior

If you wanted to paint the façade, change the windows or add some features to the patio, then now is the time. Decorating the exterior is one of the tasks for the summer since the dry weather makes it easier to use concrete and wooden materials. You can install plantation or electric shutters for the extra shade inside the home. Adding a pergola to the patio or yard is always a welcoming detail, and it can turn into a beautiful decoration if you allow the vine to grow on the top. Use natural materials like rock, stone, and pebbles to create walkways and paths around the house. Small details like wind chimes, solar lamps, and bird feeders can make the exterior more welcoming and relaxing.


Even though summer is a perfect time to finish a lot of work around the house, it will also be ideal to enjoy the joys of nice weather. Have a little fun with the work and use the warm days and evenings to have friends over for a barbecue or an outside theatre. After all, there are enough days in summer to do the maintenance and relax.

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