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Home Improvement: Four Projects You Should Never DIY


“Home is a refuge, not only from the world but a refuge from my worries, my terrible concerns. I like beautiful things around me. I like to be beautiful, because it delights my eyes and my soul is lifted up” –Maya Angelou

It has been long accepted that home improvement projects are necessary to either preserve the overall integrity of the home or to improve its overall aesthetics.

However, while ensuring your homes are functioning optimally and would serve your needs better would be a sound idea, it is a costly one. With this in mind, more and more homeowners are opting to do home renovations on their own which is just as good as it can be incredibly rewarding. A home improvement endeavor gives you well-deserved bragging rights while hosting friends that would be noticeably absent when you hire a professional to do the job. However, you cannot expect the same visual results as you neither possess the experience these seasoned professionals do or the kind of expertise they have which took years to build. Furthermore, some tools might be necessary for the completion of a project and which can only be properly operated by someone licensed to do–such as these professionals.

In any case, while going the DIY route for home projects is admirable, it is not exactly recommended for a variety of reasons ranging from safety hazards to the operation of heavy machinery. Remember, while DIY would certainly guarantee that you would not have to spend much on a home project, it does not always guarantee you the results you want. Moreover, if you bungle the execution of a project, you might potentially spend more than you have bargained for. In any case, whether you are planning to renovate a diminutive space such as your hotels in Taguig or something bigger such as your kitchen elsewhere, here are some of the home projects you should never DIY:

1. Repairing the Electrical Panel

Obviously, this is not a home renovation project you should do as apart from setting your house on fire, you might electrocute yourself. Moreover, you might run the risk of having trouble selling your home in the future. If you wish to modify any electrical panel, you would firstly need an electrical permit. If you do not, then obtaining an ESA (Electrical Safety Association) certificate might not be possible. Let a professional electrician deal with this instead of doing it yourself.

2. Major Plumbing

Professional plumbers would tell you to never touch any of the plumbing in your house. Any error on your part could either cause pipes to leak or have your house flooded. However, minor plumbing repairs such as a clogged toilet and faucet replacements can be done okay. However, complicated jobs such as adding a toilet or anything that would involve the main supply line should be left to the professionals.

3. Digging out Basements

Basements would make excellent areas for extra storage, but you should never attempt to dig one on your own. More often than not, lowering your basement would require major labor and foundation work—two of which you cannot handle yourself unless you are a professional. Sure, it might be a big investment, but it would be worth the money as it is not something that is safe to attempt on your own.

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4. Installing a Skylight

Skylights would instantly improve the aesthetics of any room and although they look easy enough to install, you should never do them yourself. Apart from ensuring that leaks do not get in, professionals see to it that they are properly installed and have window seals that would last through the test of time. Regardless of how easy it looks, you would still want a professional’s help for this.


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