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Did you Know these Unique Benefits of Having Himalayan Salt Candle Holders in Spa?


How many times you`ve walked into a Spa and seen many aesthetically pleasing Candle Holders made from Himalayan Salt carefully placed here and there, and thought about how well they fit into the ambient? Do you always feel like its delicate glow make the entire spa look and feel more welcoming, and warm?

Not only as a candle holder but the unique red-ish “blocks of Himalayan salt are used in a number of ways. To name just a few of the most common ones are a variety of salt lamps such as natural, USB, decorative and lamps for the night; Salt Metal Baskets with a natural glow.”

Although when seeing one of these products, the first thought that comes into your mind is regarding the way they look, we assure you they are more than a decoration. For centuries many ancient civilizations such as the Mayans and Egyptians knew about the perks of using this type of salt. Ever since then, the time took no tool on it, because even nowadays, we can see its usage and the meticulous placement of these items in millions of homes/spas/office building across the globe and for a number of reasons.

Where Does It Come From?

As the name itself says it, all of the Himalayan Salt Lamp and Candle Holder are manufactured from salt found in the Himalayan Mountains. This type of salt which is one of the most-purest and healthiest salts there is was formed millions and millions of years ago.

What are Candle Holders made from Himalayan Salt and Where Can They be Placed?

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Salt candle holder is usually a large solid crystal of Himalayan salt carefully crafted and drilled to hold a small candle inside. They come in many shapes such as triangle, interesting star, classical cylindrical, romantic heart-shaped and more natural crystal shape.

Wondering Where to Place Them?

Although these type of candle holders are commonly seen in the spa, who says that you can`t place them near your bathtub in your very own home? If you are craving for some radiant glim and a superbly relaxing environment, then you should surely purchase one or more of these candle holders. Not only in your bath, but they can create a super cozy atmosphere in your living room while meditating, doing some yoga, or reading a book.

All the Unique Benefits of Owning a Unique Candle Holder

Although we mustn`t overlook the organic ambiance these holders make, we must say there are far more important benefits of their usage.

It will Energize you by Neutralizing the Air

First things first, I must mention that these candle holders, neutralize air pollution from electronics? Feeling confused, how?

It is widely believed and accepted that nevertheless of which form used the Himalayan salt, (lamp or candle holder) releases negatively charged ions into the air when heated. You`ve probably noticed how when using electronics such as computers and smartphones for a longer period, you might feel lethargic and drained thus of the positive ions which are emitted in the air. Well, luckily, once you light up the candle in your favorite Himalayan candle holder, the negative ions released from it will bond and neutralize the positive ions which influence and drain your energy.

It will Improve your Breathing by Cleansing the Air

If you are searching for a way to improve the quality of the air you are breathing indoors, then you should definitely purchase one of these holders. It is no secret that most of the time we spent either working in the office or home meaning indoors, and more than often in that time we forget to open our windows and let fresh air inside. However, there is a more straightforward way to improve air quality. It is believed that these unique lamps and candle holders help remove common toxins, dust particles, and pollutants from the air. The microbes tend to be drawn to the Himalayan salt and settle on its surface leaving the air fresher and cleaner.

This can be quite important especially for people who suffer from all sorts of symptoms directly caused by allergies, reoccurring flu symptoms, asthma, and SAD (season affective disorder) sufferers.

It will Improve your Mood and the Overall Ambient Indoors

Last but not less important, we must mention its looks and how it can affect our mood. We are sure that no person can be indifferent to the soft glow provided by both the Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders. The warm pinkish and orange colors that are seen on the outside of these products are rather comfortable for our eyes which are always over flooded and overwhelmed with too bright and vivid light.

Although more and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of these products, probably one of the most common reasons why they purchase it, is because of the visual aspect or should we say their soothing aspect. Only by looking at them, we feel more calm and relaxed, they tend to reduce our anxiety and stress levels. These are the main reasons why they are usually placed in spas.


Today we are living such a hectic life, constantly rushing to do things; busy schedules, appointments, events, and constant obligations. Balancing between work and home, family, and friends, staying healthy and happy. When you put things in perspective, we realize, it`s no wonder we almost tend to forget that sometimes we need to slow down and take a moment for ourselves.

There is not a more precious time than the time we take to care for ourselves. How about playing your favorite music in the dim natural light coming from your salt lamp or candle? Or how about doing some yoga and meditation.

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